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Farmers in Taraganj are happy with the bumper yield of sugarcane

Juwel Islam, Taraganj (Rangpur): Sugarcane bumper crop has been harvested in Taraganj upazila of Rangpur district this year. Farmers are smiling because of the good prices. And seeing this smiling face, other farmers are also showing interest in sugarcane cultivation in future. The price of sugarcane is better this year than in the last few years.
Farmers are coming to the surrounding markets including Taraganj Hat of the upazila every day from morning till night to sell their sugarcane. Within moments, whole salers and retailers are buying it and shipping it to different parts of the country, including local markets. As juicy sweet and nutritious sugarcane is profitable, local farmers are now interested in sugarcane cultivation. Many like sugarcane farmer Tayez Uddin are happy to cultivate sugarcane because of good sales and high profit margins.
It has been seen on the ground that although more or less sugarcane is cultivated in the surrounding upazilas including the five unions of the upazila, the farmers have cultivated more sugarcane along with other crops as there is more fertile land in this upazila. Sugarcane is a sweet, juicy, nutritious and lucrative crop in the country. As the sugarcane farmers produce juicy sugarcane, they are happy and smiling with some new money in their hands. However, sugarcane cultivation takes more time than paddy and the profit is comparatively less. Even then, the farmers have paid attention to sugarcane cultivation in the surrounding villages including Taraganj upazila.
July to November is the season for cutting and selling sugarcane from the land. At this time, there is a lot of buying and selling of sugarcane in different markets of the upazila from morning to afternoon. Retail sugarcane traders trade in sugarcane at this time of the year for about 3 to 4 months, but at other times of the year they have been making a living by doing various kinds of work. Sugarcane business is booming in 18 hat bazaars of the present upazila as it has doubled its profit from retail sale.
Sugarcane has been cultivated in agricultural lands of different areas of the upazila, from where a pair of good quality sugarcane is purchased at wholesale price of Tk 14 to 16, but retailers are selling a pair of good quality sugarcane at a price of Tk 26 to 28. The sugarcane that has been cultivated in the agricultural land of this upazila is being sold in different parts of the country in the hope of making more profit by buying big sugarcane wholesalers from different areas every day.
Tayez Uddin, a sugarcane farmer from Baniapara village in Ikrachali union of the upazila, said, “I cultivate sugarcane every year, but the price of sugarcane this year is much higher than last year.” Since the sugarcane here is of good quality, wholesalers from different parts of the country come to buy sugarcane and send it to different parts of the country.
Upazila Agriculture Officer Urmitabassum said the farmers have planted sugarcane this year and the yield has been good. I hope they are getting better price of sugarcane.

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