October 25, 2021, 10:51 am

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False allegations were made against the leaders of the helpless women’s unity organization in Goalanda

Sheikh Momin, Goalanda Correspondent :

Rehena Begum, a resident of Daulatdia East, admitted that she had filed a false case against the president and leaders of the helpless women’s unity organization at Daulatdia in Goaland Upazila. At around 12 noon on Thursday, Rehena Begum, a resident of Daulatdia East, told Daily Morning Glory that an insidious group had carried out baseless, fabricated and conspiratorial propaganda against the helpless women’s unity organization. They are spreading this false propaganda to tarnish the image of Jhumur Begum, the president of Daulatdia Ashay Nari Oikya Sangathan. Rehena Begum, a resident of Purba Para, said that the director of Daulatdia Mukti Mahila President, Morzina Begum and Munju Tara had filed a case with the police station with me. I have realized my mistake and I want to be punished for the dirty work I have done.

In this regard, Jhumur Begum, president of Helpless Women’s Unity Organization, said, “Since 2019, Daulatdia Helpless Women’s Unity Organization has been working alongside socially helpless people in Daulatdia East Para area.” From our organization, we have been carrying out various service activities, medical services and social work in various ways with the residents of Daulatdia East Para area and the children of East Para area. Some insidious sections of the society are following us, they don’t like our good deeds. So they are spreading rumors and propaganda in different ways about me and my organization, Daulatdia helpless women’s unity organization in different ways, I strongly condemn it. In fact, Daulatdia helpless women’s unity organization is working with this slogan in front of the people for the life of the people and I will continue to work in the future, InshaAllah. He also said that a few days ago, Rehena Begum, a resident of Daulatdia, filed a case against some leaders of my organization and me at the police station. He has realized his mistake, some insidious mahal has done such dirty work with him, I strongly condemn it. And I had a good relationship with Rehena Begum in the past and will have a good relationship in the future InshaAllah.

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