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Fake recall in Jaintapur police station ignoring the court order!

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Staff Reporter, Sylhet:

Hon’ble Chief Judicial Magistrate’s Court, Sylhet, a group of accused fraudsters submitted the bail application to the Jaintapur Model Police Station by making a fake bail (recall). This has created a stir.

It is learned that Altun Nesha (June 4), daughter of late Hajir Ali of Chhatarkhai village in Ward No. 6 of Darbast Union under Jaintapur Model Police Station, has lodged a case with the police station. Whose case No. Jaintapur GR 94/21 Eng-. In the case, Farooq Ahmed, 50, son of the late Fatir Ali of the same village, was made the main accused and eight others were made the accused. Advocate Md. Tajuddin (Makhan) applied for bail on behalf of the eight accused in the case. But the court has not yet set a working day for the bail hearing. However, it is a mystery but it is true that the accused forwarded the application to Jaintapur Model Police Station and informed the investigating officer of the case that they have been granted bail. They will submit the recall in a day or two. Since then, the accused have been roaming the local area in heroism. They are even avoiding police arrests. The accused are openly circulating in the local market saying that they have obtained bail from the court. At one stage, when Badini became suspicious, he approached the police. Then the cat in the bag came out. The accused ignored the court order and spread rumors about getting bail. Not only this, with the help of their advocates, the fraudsters also talked to the investigating SI Perth on the phone. The advocate also told SI over phone that he would clear the bail papers in a day or two. SI Perth of Jaintapur Model Police Station has admitted the truth of this. He told reporters on his mobile phone that the advocate had said he would recall but had not sent a recall even today. He later confirmed that the accused were carrying out such activities without bail. However, efforts to arrest the accused are continuing, he said.

Contacting Advocate Md. Tajuddin (Makhan) on his mobile phone to know about this, he said that bail has been applied and the date of hearing has not been announced yet. At the time, he said, he had spoken to SI Perth. He said that the court inspector can tell the police station not to harass them if he wants. As the bail hearing is ahead in the court. He confirmed that the accused had not taken any bail from the court.

Talking to the plaintiff’s advocate Fauzia Sultana on his mobile phone, he said that no accused has yet taken bail from the court. When the plaintiff contacted me, I told her to go to the police station and collect the paper. Then I came to know that the accused have submitted the bail application paper to the police station and are saying that they have got bail. I will inform the court during the hearing.

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