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Fake associations disappear with customers’ money

Munayem Khan Netrokona: A fake organization called Rupantar Humanitarian Development Center has swindled lakhs of rupees by promising to lend more money in Netrokona.

In this way, the simple people of the village have become exhausted by borrowing money. However, action will be taken subject to investigation, said the social service official. In the Corona epidemic, when people are living a miserable life, a vicious cycle is taking money in the name of the association.

About two months ago, a fake organization called Transformation Humanitarian Development Center rented a flat on the 2nd floor of the house of a Mujibur Rahman in Barhatta Road area of ​​Netrokona municipal town.

Later, the organization took money from the people of Kunia, Haluidati, Munnachati, Carly and other villages of Sadar upazila in the name of the association. In this situation, the fake company manipulated lakhs of rupees to give a loan of one lakh rupees for 10 thousand rupees and 50 thousand rupees for 5 thousand rupees.

This has caused misery to the common consumers of the village. Meanwhile, many poor families have brought money at interest by borrowing. Many people have given money to the association on August 14 in the hope of getting a loan.

Later, on August 16, he went to the office of the association in Barhatta Road area of ​​the city to get a loan and the office was closed. The people of the association have disappeared after removing the cyboard and locking the door.

As a result, the customers have become very calm. The owner of the house said that he has been working for about 15 days. Since then their mobile phones (01860-567158) have been switched off. The locals, including the victims, demanded punishment by bringing the people of this fake organization under the law, including the return of money to these helpless families during the Coronation.

However, the matter will be investigated and legal action will be taken, said the social service official. Md. Alal Uddin, Deputy Director, District Social Service Office, Netrokona.

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