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Facebook Addiction: Growing Loneliness-Depression

Sinthiya Sumi

Which is the most popular social media in the world now? If you ask anyone such a question, everyone will definitely talk about Facebook. Facebook is a website of the world social intercommunication system. Through which all acquaintances can be contacted. Mark Zuckerberg, the father or founder of Facebook. He founded Facebook on February 4, 2004. Facebook users can add friends, delete friends, send messages and update and exchange their personal information. A user can also connect to city, workplace, school, university and regional networks. More Facebook users can upload their own pictures to their profile. In general, all personal information can be given in the Facebook ID. At present, Facebook is doing more harm than good to teenagers. At present, our standard of living has improved a lot, no doubt. But gradually we are moving away from our loved ones, resulting in increasing loneliness. There is no way to deny the importance of loved ones in life. They are by our side in good times, as well as in bad times. The anger, sadness and pride that we cherish are born out of frustration and loneliness. And that despair and loneliness is now reaching a stage that is unknowingly pushing towards death. Because we can’t talk to anyone with an open mind.

However, it is noteworthy that the use of social media Facebook has facilitated people’s communication. This medium has created an opportunity to draw friends scattered all over the world. The most remarkable thing is that Facebook is one of the platforms for people to have a good time in their daily life and it can be said without hesitation. However, this place in the virtual world has had a negative impact as much as it has had a positive impact on people’s daily lives. Researchers think that many people are constantly spending a lot of time as well as suffering from depression on Facebook. The impact of social media on adolescents is expressed in two main ways, first internally (frustration and anxiety) and secondly externally (aggressive behavior or antisocial behavior). In the future, there will be no teenagers who do not use social media.Various sociologists and researchers say that although Facebook brings good for people, many are frustrated by it. This frustration is especially noticeable among the young people in most cases.

It can be seen that someone came home online after being busy all day. Wall looked around and saw that many of his close friends had gone somewhere to look at those pictures, where he was supposed to be but couldn’t. Again, there are many people online often chatting with a friend. But suddenly he disappeared. Can’t even talk to him. They suffer from depression. Being online can sometimes lead to lazy time. But the bigger problem is – many people are often disappointed because they see the activities of many friends. Seeing everyone’s work on the news feed makes the instability work at times and at one point it turns into frustration. As much as Facebook has made our lives easier, it is having a bad effect. Especially in chatting with many people. It can be seen that when a conversation with a friend who likes him suddenly stops, it feels very bad. Feeling a little lonely at this time. Excessive interest in Facebook makes users irritable. And friends suffer from frustration looking at different aspects. Because, at one point getting updates on their success from friends can make you feel lonely, backward, lost. The emergence of various social media is separating users, especially young users, from society. Besides, they are becoming more alone than before. Because of their Facebook addiction, they don’t like anything anymore and once it turns into bad behavior. And this addiction is more in the case of Facebook than other social media. The loss of Facebook has affected the youth of the country. At present, the youth are lagging behind in education through the use of social media. Excluding education, he is using Facebook at night. Health is deteriorating due to waking up at night. The mood is getting irritable. For these reasons, children are not behaving well with their parents. Many people are getting involved in sex again using social media. Being attracted to drugs. For these reasons, we should be careful in using Facebook. So that we do not get lost in the society. So in this case the misuse of social media must be prevented. We all know that nothing extra is good.

There has been extensive research on this in the last few years. Analyzing the results of some such studies, it has been said that our general idea about loneliness is that people become lonely with age. But even young teenagers are becoming lonely day by day because of Facebook. Psychologists say such incidents are on the rise. Due to Facebook addiction, teenagers are becoming accustomed to living a solitary life apart from others. And growing frustration from this loneliness. They are becoming prone to suicide due to long-term depression. However, loneliness harms patients both physically and mentally. They gradually move away from everyone and have a much higher risk of suicide. So responsible and moderate use of Facebook may be the only solution. Let’s be aware and make others aware.

Author: Sinthiya Sumi
Department of History
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University, Gopalganj.

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