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Expatriate Bangladeshi businessmen exchange views with newly appointed Ambassador to Maldives

Md. Omar Farooq Anik, from Maldives /

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Newly appointed Bangladesh High Commissioner to Maldives Rear Admiral SM Abul Kalam Azad held an exchange meeting with expatriate businessmen in the hall of Bangladesh Embassy yesterday keeping in view the principle of strong fidelity to the plan. He said that the event was organized with the aim of creating a business-friendly environment for expatriate businessmen to invest in the country and solve related problems.

The meeting was attended by expatriate Bangladeshis and businessmen from all walks of life in the Maldives. In determining what needs to be done to increase trade between Bangladesh and the Maldives, the traders noted that the Maldives is a major trading partner of Bangladesh. They offered various suggestions and suggestions to reduce trade inequality with the Maldives. He also sought the cooperation of Bangladesh and Maldives governments through embassies to remove various obstacles in the field of export.

High Commissioner SM Abul Kalam Azad appreciated the comments of the businessmen and said, “I have listened to your suggestions and opinions carefully and recorded them.” The embassy has been providing round-the-clock service to the Bangladeshi traders living in the Maldives for their overall cooperation in exporting goods from Bangladesh. He further said that at present the bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Maldives are very good. As a result of the extraordinary diplomatic skills of the two countries, there have been fruitful discussions with the Maldivian government on expanding the market for Bangladeshi goods in the Maldives, opening direct shipping lines between the two countries for transporting goods, and reducing the cost of transporting goods by air.

Among the expatriate Bangladeshi businessmen present at the meeting were Mr. Sohail Rana, Chairman of CIP and Global Reach, Mr. Ahmed Mottaki, Prominent Education Fan and Chairman of Mianj International, Mr. Dulal Hossain, Chairman of View Construction, Mr. Babul Hossain, Chairman of Dhaka Traders, Chairman Mr. Hadiul Islam, Chairman of Food and Food Noor Alam Rintu, Director of PT Mart Md. Zahirul Islam and other expatriate Bangladeshis were present. Also present were Mr. Md. Sohail Parvez, First Secretary (Labor) and Mr. Mizanur Rahman, Third Secretary.

Finally, the High Commissioner expressed his solidarity to work together to increase trade between the two countries and to encourage expatriates to send more remittances from well-organized to legal channels.

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