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Excluding menmen, he took to the streets with a stick: Dr. Jafrullah

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BNP and other political parties, the founder of the Public Health Center. Jafrullah Chowdhury said, he came on the field without doing menmen. When he wanted to remove the vote robbers, he took to the streets with his stick. Vote robbers will flee.

He was speaking at a discussion on the occasion of the 32nd founding anniversary of the National Democratic Party (NDP) at the National Press Club on Wednesday.

Dr. Jafrullah Chowdhury said, the current vote should not be brought by removing the robbers and bringing someone else. A fair government is needed. Where the people will have rights. I will give my vote to whomever I want. There will be no injustice in the name of religion.

Referring to Khaleda Zia as a brave woman, Zafarullah said, “When the BNP first came to power, I said don’t give transit.” Khaleda Zia took my advice. Today you see how much is being looted in transit. That is why we need Khaleda Zia. He was granted another six months bail. If the jail is suspended for six months, then he is free.

Addressing the BNP leaders, he said, “If Khaleda Zia was released, what were the expectations of the people?” Khaleda will take Zia to Chandrima Udyan in a wheelchair to visit her grave. Has Khaleda Zia been able to go? If that had happened, there would have been a storm here today, the vote robbers would have fled in that storm. And if Khaleda Zia is a prisoner, arrange for her release.

Mahmudur Rahman Manna, convener of Citizens Unity, said there was no compromise with the present government. There will be no elections under this government. All political parties have to agree on this. National government, interim government, election government by whatever name we want a government under which there will be a fair election.

Thanking the BNP at the time, Manna said the BNP has been able to ensure that there is no election under this government. If things go well in the end, then the government will now hang the roots of the election.

Major General (Retd.) Syed Mohammad Ibrahim said that if there was an unplanned fight, he would have to go to jail again. The case of those 15 years is hanging on many now. Now it is time to write an application to the government to criticize the government. The people of this country do not want to build houses on foreign soil. The people of this country want a little freedom of speech, freedom of voting.

BNP Vice Chairman Barkat Ullah Bulu, former VP of Dakshur Nurul Haque Nur and others also spoke under the chairmanship of National Democratic Party Chairman KM Abu Taher.

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