October 20, 2021, 1:36 am

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Exciting information about the explosion of a bomb-like object at Kanaighat in Sylhet!

Staff Reporter, Sylhet :

Sensational information has started coming out about the bomb-like explosion at Kanaighat in Sylhet. Many have speculated that the terrorists may have mixed explosives in the flashlights through digital information technology on the date and time of the incident. Because soon after the flashlight exploded, there was a loud noise and panic spread all around. At one stage, local UP member Oliur Rahman rushed to the spot. He later informed the Kanaighat police about the incident on his mobile phone. But it is mysterious but true that the police did not go to the spot that night. Two days after the incident, the police visited the spot and returned empty-handed without collecting any evidence. Attempts were made to cover up the real incident. Because the top terrorist Russell Robbie has a deep connection with the police SI Mozammel. As he had a friendly relationship, he returned to the police station without collecting any evidence from the spot. Rumor has it that the child Sultan was injured in the flashlight explosion. He even became very enthusiastic and kept in touch with Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College. At one stage, he took up the investigation of the case from another SI. Diameter! It’s over.

Meanwhile, local sources confirmed that after the Sultan fell to the ground, 3/4 people of the area rescued him in a critical condition and brought him to Osmani Hospital and admitted him. He left the victim’s mother unconscious on the spot. He was insane all night even after regaining consciousness. The next day a village doctor saw his condition was bad and he gave him medical treatment locally. Even now he is living a dehumanized day because of the show. Locals also said that there had been a long-running land dispute with Shafia Begum and Russell Ravi Gang. The blast happened shortly after Victim and his mother returned home from court that day. They also claim that the completed matter is conspiratorial. They said they would call for a speedy movement to demand a proper investigation and trial of the incident. He also told the reporter that all preparations have already been made for the movement.

On the other hand, the elder brother of the victim, Mahmud Hasan, said that even though the two accused had covered their bodies after the incident, they were again roaming the area in public. He feared that some unscrupulous police were trying to divert the whole incident.

In this regard, UP member Oliur Rahman admitted the truth of the incident on his mobile phone and said that he called SI Sanjit of Kanaighat police station that night. At that time he told her that if the victim does not lodge a written complaint with the police station then nothing can be done there?

However, the victim lodged a written complaint with the police two days after the incident. Policeman Mozammil, a friend of fraudster Russell Robbie, ran away that day. Earlier, Mozammil told the reporter on his mobile phone that they had visited the spot on the night of the incident.

It may be mentioned that on September 1, a bomb-like flashlight object exploded at Fatehganj village in Kanaighat. The child Sultan was seriously injured on the spot. He is still undergoing treatment at Sylhet Osmani Hospital. An attempt is being made to take this incident to a different level by spreading rumors of light explosion.

But we should all know that explosives or explosives are a type of substance capable of causing explosions. It stores high levels of energy, which are expressed through explosions. Suddenly, in a very short time, this huge amount of energy is released through chemical reactions. Which is expressed in the form of light, heat, sound, and pressure energy.

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