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Exciting child Rahima killed in Mithapukur The main accused in the case was arrested

Amirul Kabir Suzan, Mithapukur (Rangpur): Rahima Khatun, daughter of Rabiul Islam of Gajuapara village of Buzruk Santoshpur in Mithapukur upazila of Rangpur and a 3rd class student of Buzruk Santoshpur Karamatia Fazil Madrasa, was raped and killed. Mithapukur police have arrested Raja Mia, 25, the main accused in the shocking murder 28 days after the incident. The arrested Raja Mia is the son of Shamim Mia of Mamuder Para village in Changmari union of the same upazila. He was arrested from Talma Mor area of ​​Faridpur Nagarkanda police station on Thursday afternoon. Detained Raja Mia has been sent to the wise court. Additional Superintendent of Police (D-Circle) Rangpur Md Kamruzzaman, PPM confirmed the matter in a press release on Friday.

According to police and family sources, on the afternoon of May 26, Rahima went to a nearby shop to buy potatoes with Tk 10 from her mother and never returned home. Then his family members started searching in different places. The accused Raja Mia used to stay at his grandmother’s house in Gajuapara village of Buzruk Santoshpur in the upazila due to working in a bread factory. The day after the incident, Raja Mia was not at his grandmother’s house and Rahima’s family became suspicious.

Rahima’s family, along with the villagers, found Raja on the floor of a half-baked house in Raja Mia’s grandmother’s house. Upon receiving the news, Mithapukur police came to the spot and dug the floor of the house and recovered Rahima’s body. Police arrested Nani Halima on the day of the incident. Raja Mia had been on the run since the incident.

The murder of child Rahima caused a great stir in the area. The incident was seriously publicized in various electronic media including the light of daily time. Civil society rallied in the area demanding the arrest and punishment of Raja Mia, the main accused in the murder. After losing Adar Dulali, other members of the family including parents are emotionally broken.

Police said Raja Mia, the main accused involved in the incident, was out of reach. The police have to get up to speed to catch Raja Mia. A special team of police continued the operation. Eventually the police arrested him.

During interrogation after his arrest, Raja Mia said that one of Raja Mia’s grandfather’s brothers had died on the day of the incident. Family members go to the surrounding scattering area to bury the body. Raja Mia does not go with his grandfather and stays at his grandmother’s house. At that time, Rahima’s mother was at home with her two-month-old baby and Rahima. At one stage, Rahima went to buy potatoes from a shop next to her house with 10 rupees from her mother. On the way, Raja Mia asked him to bring biscuits with 10 more rupees.

When the child Rahima went to give a packet of biscuits to Raja Mia, the door of the house was closed and she was raped against her will. When Rahima tried to shout, Raja Mia strangled her and killed her. He then stabbed her in the neck with a bead to confirm her death. Then he dug a hole in the floor of the house with a spade and a fork and put the body in the pot. A sack of rice was placed on him to cover up the incident. According to the information given by Raja Miah, the police have recovered the spade, pitchfork, bed, katha and lungi used in the murder.

Additional Superintendent of Police (D-Circle) Rangpur Md Kamruzzaman, PPM, said the killer Raja Mia has been arrested and sent to a wise court.


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