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“Even though the country was independent, the language did not get back,” said Shoaib Elahi, an innocent child

Shoaib Elahi, photo.
Kamalganj / Moulvibazar / Representative /

Shoaib Elahi, dumb and deaf. This means that he cannot speak, nor does he hear. Shoaib Elahi’s ears were pierced by the loud sound of mortar explosion of the enemy during the liberation war of 1971. At the time, only ten-month-old baby Shoaib was in the arms of his mother, who was living as a refugee in India. His father used to go to various refugee camps in India and provide rations to the refugee Bengalis and secretly monitor the movements of the Pak aggressors and give information to the freedom fighters. Originally, the Pak invaders were throwing mortars at Shoaib Elahi’s mother. Luckily, they missed the target and the mortar exploded near them. Since then, Shoaib Elahi has been living a deaf and dumb life for 50 years.

Shoaib Elahi is the second child of late M, A, Sabur and Shamsun Nahar, former chairman of Adampur union of Kamalganj upazila of Moulvibazar. When the battle is in full swing. Politician Baba M, A, Sabur is organizing the freedom fighters. Kamala Khan, Qutb Khan, Cherag Ali and many other freedom fighters of the area used to hold secret meetings in the living room of his house in the north. In mid-March, members of the local peace committee and razakars set the house on fire in the dark of night. The people of the minority Hindu community in the area were terrified. M, A, Sabur took some Hindu families across the border to the city of Halahali in India. He is survived by his wife Shamsun Nahar, two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Ishrat Jahan Bithi and 9-month-old son Shoaib Elahi. They also took shelter in a Hindu house in Parkul village in Thanabazar area of ​​India.

Shoaib Elahi’s mother Shamsun Nahar said her husband, MA Sabur, left them at the house of a Nagendra Dev to return to Bangladesh to organize the local freedom fighters, take them across the Dhalai border to various training camps in India and secretly monitor the movement of Pakistani soldiers. Read. Besides, the then MNA used to provide rations and receipts to the refugees in various refugee camps in India with Mohammad Ilyas, the Deputy Commander of Sector 4 during the war of liberation. It was an April afternoon. The old father-in-law is alone at home. Meanwhile, the news came that the Razakars had cut the ripe paddy of the land. Shamsun Nahar, who was restless thinking about his homeland and his own house, was walking in the yard of Nagendra Dev’s house with Shoaib Elahi on his lap. Suddenly, a group of soldiers in olive-colored uniforms with helmets appeared in the distance. Before he knew it, a mortar exploded at the feet of Shamsun Nahar. He ran away with the boy in his lap behind the house. The next day he moved to Sharaf Uddin’s house in Halahali village. But when Shoaib was called, he did not respond. Many doctors showed up. There was no gain. He waited for months. The mother could no longer hear the call from the child’s mouth. Even if I call, there is no response. The exchange of gestures is going on. Everyone said the sound of mortar pierced the child’s ears. The mother’s tears dried up as she cried. The country became independent. But the language of the mouth did not return to the innocent child in the mother’s lap. Shoaib Elahi, 48, has been living deaf and dumb ever since.

He has studied in various deaf and dumb schools in Dhaka and Faridpur including Sylhet Sheikhghat Deaf and Dumb School. Can draw very good pictures. He is now working for a meager salary in a garment factory in Konabari area of ​​Gazipur. Parveen Begum, wife of Shoaib Elahi, a father of one daughter, is also deaf and dumb from birth.

Is the contribution of Shoaib Elahi behind the building of today’s independent and sovereign Bangladesh negligible? Who will answer this?

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