September 19, 2021, 6:03 pm

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Entering the fourth year of “Legend Bangladesh 2000” batch

Md. Zahirul Islam Liton, Nandail (Mymensing): To celebrate the fourth year of Legend Bangladesh 2000 batch, a cake-cutting ceremony has been completed under the open sky. The event was celebrated on the evening of 09.09.2021 in the presence of 2000 batch of friends by cutting a cake in an unpretentious natural environment adjacent to Nandail Cinema Hall in Mymensingh.In the presence of 2000 batch of friends, the event turned into a reunion fair. In the midst of hundreds of busy lives, this day has been celebrated in a very festive and joyous atmosphere. All the members were lost in that memorable moment of school and college life.

Maybe it will never be possible to go back that day. It is hoped that the celebration of this day every year through various service programs and the active participation of all the members can further strengthen the bonds of friendship and brotherhood of the members of all the legend groups across Bangladesh. . With the slogan “May Nandail Legend Group win and “Joy Hok Legend Bangladesh SSC 2000 & HSC 2002 Batch”, the end of the program was announced by wishing the members of Legend Group well.

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