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Election is plagued by some complex diseases: Mahbub Talukder

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Election Commissioner Mahbub Talukder has commented that the election is now suffering from some complex diseases. He said the state of democracy was in crisis due to its side effects. It is not possible for a single doctor to save him. In this case, there is no alternative to forming a medical board. It is imperative to bring the dying democracy back to normal life.

He made the remarks in a written statement at the Election Commission’s own office on Sunday (October 10th).

Mahbub Talukder said, we have to decide whether we want a non-democratic election or not! On October 7, I personally inspected the by-election for the post of Councilor of Ward No. 73 of Dhaka South City Corporation. In EVM voting, 20 percent of the votes are cast here. The election was peaceful. But the turnout of the people is so low that I am disappointed.
On the other hand, in the by-election for the post of councilor in ward number 9 of Rajshahi City Corporation, 70 percent votes were cast in EVM. It is necessary to analyze the reasons why this inequality.

He said every effort should be made to increase the number of voters. If its obstacles are not removed, the desired result will not be obtained. In the by-election of Chawkbazar ward No. 16 of Chittagong city held on October 7, a candidate has been elected as a councilor despite losing his bail. Naturally, all the 21 candidates lost their bail in that election. This is a historical event that is unprecedented in the world. In my opinion, this indicates a new trend in elections.

He further added that the newly elected councilor has been in jail for more than two years in multiple cases for terrorist activities. Although the results of this by-election are an expression of the people’s distrust towards the election, it can be said positively that people from all walks of life are now participating in the elections and the people’s representatives are being elected without public support.

Mahbub Talukder said, the debate of various people about the formation of the next election commission is now in full swing. In the last 50 years, no law has been enacted to appoint election commissions as per the constitution. Although it is mandatory, all the ruling governments have violated it. It is undeniable that this law will be enacted if there is confidence in the establishment of universal suffrage, empowerment of the people and democracy. It is impossible to make this law without the consent of all parties for the establishment of multi-party democracy.

Mahbub Talukder said that democracy was a prerequisite for our independence. Democracy has been inserted in the four principles of the constitution. What could be more tragic than five decades after independence, if we find democracy in a dark room like a black cat? A voter will go out of the house and go to the polling station without any hindrance and return home safely by casting his vote as he wishes. Can’t the state of Bangladesh fulfill this aspiration?

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