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Eid-ul-Fitr of Azgar Haldar, a fisherman in Padma

Sheikh Momin, Goalanda (Rajbari): A chital fish weighing 16 kg has been caught in the net of Azgar Haldar at the mouth of Padma-Jamuna river in Goalanda. On Saturday (July 17) at around 10 am, the fisherman caught the huge fish in the net of the python Haldar when he cast his net in the river Padma in the Kalabagan area of ​​Daulatdia.
Later in the afternoon, Azgar Haldar brought the fish to Shahjahan Sheikh’s fish yard at Daulatdia Ferry Ghat No. 5 for sale. At that time, as the highest bidder, fish trader Shahjahan Sheikh bought it at a price of Tk 2,000 per kg for a total of Tk 32,000. At this time a large crowd gathered to see the huge fish.
Jailor Azgar Haldar said, I haven’t seen any big fish for a long time, so I was thinking about how to celebrate Eid. However, after getting this fish, our worries have gone away.
Now we can enjoy Eid very well. Trader Sarat Shahjahan Sheikh said, “After buying the fish, I contacted him through my mobile phone and sold it to one of his well-known big traders in Dhaka at a price of Tk 2,100 per kg and sent it for a total of Tk 33,600.”
In this context, Goalanda Upazila Fisheries Officer. Rezaul Sharif said that even though there is a shortage of hilsa fish in the Padma river now, big fish like Bagair, Chital, Boal, Katal, Rui, Pangas are being found. However, such a large freshwater chital fish is not seen in the river now.

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