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Dramatic expedition to fishing port Mahipur, Two trawler owners fined at the end of the ban

Kalapara (Patuakhali) Correspondent: The Upazila Fisheries Office raided the Alipur Fisheries Port in Patuakhali on the night of July 22 (Thursday) and seized two fishing trawlers. Upazila Fisheries Officer Apu Saha fined trawler owner and warehouse keeper Abul Hossain Kazi Tk 40,000 for fishing during the ban. Many of the port traders claim that the fine and fish auction campaign was a dramatic operation without informing anyone in the middle of the night at the Fisheries Office. According to Alipore Fishery Port traders, hundreds of fishing trawlers went fishing in the sea 15 days before the ban was lifted. Fish is being traded in public. These fish are also being marketed in different parts of the country through transportation. The ice mills are producing ice. Illegal activities are going on openly showing thumbs up to the government’s ban. Kalapara Upazila Fisheries Officer Apu Saha has raised questions about the expedition at 10:30 pm on Thursday, exactly one day before the end of the ban.

At that time, there was a question about selling the seized fish at auction for 6,900 rupees. Witnesses claimed that more than 5,000 hilsas were stored in the seized trawlers. It was not shown in the seizure list. Ansar Uddin Mollah, president of Kuakata-Alipur Fisheries Storekeepers and Trawler Owners’ Association and Latachapali UP chairman, said hilsa was being sold and bought at many places in the Alipur-Mahipur fishing port. Ice production is going on in the ice factories. Which the administration, journalists are all aware of. The fact that the Fisheries Department took action against all of them and raided only two trawlers on Thursday night is nothing but a drama. On condition of anonymity, several traders of Alipore port said that many trawlers came to the port that night to sell fish.

They also said that several hundred fishing trawlers from Alipore-Mahipur port have been fishing in the sea for 15 days already. All this is happening in this port through friendship with the fisheries officials. They demanded that such an operation of the Fisheries Department one day before the end of the blockade is nothing but a dramatic operation to give legitimacy to these illegal activities. Kalapara Upazila Fisheries Officer Apu Saha said Abul Hossain Kazi, owner of Elma Akter-2, was fined Tk 40,000 after he came to the fishing port from the sea after receiving information from a secret source. At that time, about 80 kg of hilsa fish was found in his trawler. Another rescued about 50 kg of fish in an abandoned trawler. The rescued fish was sold at auction for Tk 8,900 and deposited in the government treasury. The official said they did not know of any other trawlers.

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