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Dr. Ismail took charge of the treatment of the injured Sagar in Chapainawabganj

Abdullah Al Mamun: Md. Sagar (10) is the son of Daku Ali of Tikri village in Mobarakpur union of Shibganj upazila. His sister’s wedding was going on at his house on June 22. At that time, Sagar was going to climb a blackberry tree next to his house, fell from the tree and broke his arm severely. Not being able to go home for fear, he was sitting on the street crying. Seeing her crying, a man named Shovon arranged for Sagar to reach home. Going home, he saw Sagar’s sister going to her father-in-law’s house after marriage. At this time, seeing Sagar, the marriage started crying at home. Sagar’s father Daku told Shovon in a voice full of sorrow, ‘I, an unemployed worker, got my daughter married with great difficulty. Besides, Sagar’s mother has been paralyzed for a long time. ’Hearing this, Shovon himself brought her to Max Hospital in front of Sadar Hospital.

Dr. Ismail examined him at Max Hospital and found that it was a complex fracture operation. It needs to be operated. The cost for this will be costly. Knowing this, Shovan gave a status on Facebook urging the circle members to come forward. But in two days, no response was received and the matter was reported to Dr. Ismail, an orthopedic specialist at T Max Hospital. After the bone joint specialist said. Ismail negotiated with the hospital authorities and completed his free operation by deducting Sagar’s operation fee and all the expenses of the hospital. He is currently undergoing treatment at Sagar Max Hospital.

Unable to contain his emotions after receiving treatment at Sagar, his father Daku Ali said, “I have been having problems with my wife for a long time.” Then on the day of breaking Sagar’s hand, I arranged for my daughter to get married by borrowing money from the latter. I will never forget the contribution of Dr. Ismail. Thanks also to Max Hospital.

In this regard, Dr. Ismail said there was no provision in Chapainawabganj before the complex fracture operation of the sea. Such patients usually had to go to Rajshahi for surgery. Seeing the poor condition of the patient and the helplessness of his family, it has been decided to perform a complex fracture operation in the sea considering the humanitarian aspect. Arrangements were also made to waive all the fees of the hospital to Dr. Golam Rabbani, the chairman of Max Hospital.

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