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Domar 50-bed Upazila Health Complex doctors-nurses-staff crisis medical services are running

Nurkader sarker  Imran, Domar (Nilphamari): Due to shortage of manpower in the 50-bed health complex of Domar Upazila of Nilphamari, it is not possible to provide proper medical services to the patients. In addition the ultrasound machine is shut down due to necessary raw material and power problems. Even if the hospital has its own generator, it is not enough. Only X-ray machines are on. Despite having other medical equipments, it is not possible to start it as there is no technician. The operation theater has been closed for a long time due to lack of surgery consultant and surgical anesthesia, Domar Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr. Md. Raihan Bari told my correspondent.
Although the number of approved doctor posts for Domar Hospital is 21, only 9 are working, the remaining 12 vacant posts are Junior Consultant (Anesthesia), Junior Consultant (Children), Junior Consultant (Orthopedics), Junior Consultant (Cardiology), Junior Consultant, Junior Consultant. Consultant (ENT), Junior Consultant (Dermatology and Venereology), Junior Consultant (Surgery), Junior Consultant (Medicine), Residential Medical Officer, Indoor Medical Officer, Emergency Medical Officer.
Besides, there are 10 posts of medical officers in 10 sub-health centers of the upazila but 3 posts are vacant and 4 out of 6 working doctors are on deputation. Medical Officer of Chilahati Sub-Health Center Dr. Tabassum Mahjabin, Nilphamari Adhunik Sadar Hospital on deputation, Medical Officer of Gomnati Sub-Health Center Dr. Asim Roy Chowdhury, Syedpur 100 Bed Hospital on deputation, Medical Officer of Bamunia Sub-Health Center Dr. Rokhsana Afroz Lun, , Medical Officer of Mirzaganj Sub-Health Center Dr. Tanvir Zoha Presne-Dhaka Corona Hospital, Medical Officer of Panga Sub-Health Center Dr. SM Rabiul Islam, Presne-Syedpur 100 Bed Hospital, Sonaraya Sub-Health Center, Harinchara Sub-Health Center There are 3 vacancies for medical officers in Boragari sub-health center.
There are 33 vacancies for nurses in Domar Upazila Health Complex out of which 11 vacancies are vacant. Everyone is on deputation. The hospital is running with only 9 nurses working. Due to the crisis of nurses, it has not been possible to start a new maternity ward of the hospital yet. Of the 96 posts of third class employees, 35 are vacant. There are vacancies in 19 out of 35 posts of Class IV employees. Doctors from the district headquarters, 30 km away, come to work in the 50-bed hospital. As a result, the people here are not getting the necessary medical services. Make the condition of the 10 sub-health centers established at the union level very good. Which is closed for almost a day, people are not getting services due to lack of doctors.
 Although 28 community clinics are open, there are widespread complaints about the presence and departure of CHCPs working in them. Although there is a government directive to keep community clinics open from 9 am to 3 pm, in reality it is not done. Every day 60/70 patients are treated indoors. Besides, 2/3 hundred patients are treated outdoors. Regular power supply is not possible as the power connection line of the hospital is very old.
Besides, it is not possible to supply the load of electricity required for the hospital through this line. As a result, there is almost no power supply in the hospital area. The patients are suffering endlessly.
Domar Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr. Mohammad Raihan Bari told my news that there is an acute shortage of third and fourth class staff in the hospital which is causing various problems. Acknowledging the manpower crisis, he said, “I have informed the higher authorities about the issue. I hope the problems will be resolved soon.” I
We are working to improve the quality of health services by holding monthly health service committee meetings on upazila health services. Regarding Domar Upazila Health Complex, Nilphamari Civil Surgeon Jahangir Kabir said the ministry has been sent to fill the vacancies in Domar Upazila Health Complex and doctors and nurses who are on deputation are being brought back. The operation theater and ultrasound machines will be launched soon.
Domar Upazila residents have demanded immediate intervention of the Ministry of Health to resolve the crisis of doctors, nurses and staff of Domar Hospital.

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