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Doctors demanded the introduction of rheumatology department in all medical colleges of the country

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Although a large number of people of different ages in the country suffer from various types of rheumatic diseases, there is no specialist doctor in comparison. As a result, many are being mistreated. Therefore, doctors have demanded the introduction of rheumatology departments in all government and private medical centers in the country to ensure proper treatment of patients suffering from arthritis.

The rheumatology expert made the demand at a discussion meeting and scientific seminar on the occasion of World Arthritis Day at the auditorium of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) on Tuesday (October 12).

At a function organized by the Rheumatology Department of BSMMU, the doctors involved in the treatment of this disease said that the incidence and pain of arthritis increase with age. Hundreds of people of all ages suffer from arthritis. Older people in particular are having more problems. Many suffer from this disease due to lack of proper treatment and live a life of helplessness and disability. So the most important thing is to be aware of yourself as well as to correctly identify the disease. Other problems with arthritis include knee pain, arthritis, back pain and knee pain, doctors said.

Director of the National Institute of Neurosciences and Hospital Professor. Kazi Deen Mohammad said, our doctors have talent. Now the will power must increase. In particular, dedication must be increased. I would urge young doctors to learn. You have to learn what you learn. You have to take good learning training In that case your boss will be the main trainer.

Be a good doctor, he said. There is appreciation in the country and abroad But if you cheat, you have to understand that you are cheating yourself. Because patients are intelligent, they will catch you

“We are stuck in a place of quality training,” he said, adding that doctors were lacking in quality training. That is why the faculty is more to blame than the students. Because if they don’t cheat, students can’t cheat. This veteran physician has advised doctors to specialize in internal medicine wherever they work.

BSMMU Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. advised to be aware of the patients as well as to get rid of the pain of arthritis. Md. Sarfuddin Ahmed. He said, everyone should be aware You have to take good treatment at the beginning Because people who are in pain can’t do anything. As a result, it is also harmful to the country’s economy.

“I know the rheumatology department is in a lot of crisis,” he said, adding that the university is emphasizing research. Even then the department is always working to make people aware. We are now increasing the allocation to research. I will make arrangements to increase the allocation for this department.

Speakers at the event said that educational activities on rheumatism are inadequate in the country. At present the number of rheumatologists is very low compared to the population of the country. However, in 2020, 33 rheumatologists have been created in eight old medical colleges and hospitals in the country. At the private level, except for Enam Medical College in Savar, this department has not been set up till date.

The convener of the program and the former chairman of the Department of Rheumatology, BSMMU, Prof. Nazrul Islam said Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) and the university’s rheumatology department have so far been able to produce 60 specialist rheumatologists. Another 30 rheumatologists are coming to the country with medical services in this regard. However, it is time for the services of specialist doctors to reach the doorsteps of arthritis patients. For this, adequate specialists are equally needed and appropriate rheumatologists need to be properly deployed.

Chairman of the Department of Rheumatology, Prof. Minhaj Rahim Chowdhury also spoke at the event, chaired by Professor of Medicine and Rheumatology. Syed Atiqul Haque, Dhaka Medical College Principal Prof. Titu Mia etc.

In the scientific seminar, Dr. presented an article on the common mistakes in the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis. Nahiduzzaman Sajjad and Professor Dr. presented an article on the use of injections in the joint. Md. Nazrul Islam.

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