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Dirt stack adjacent to Dhaka-Mymensingh highway

Abusayed, Sreepur (Gazipur): Garbage dumps along highways;  Human suffering Hundreds of acres of land are unsuitable for cultivation Gazipur’s Sreepur Municipality and various factories have been dumping garbage in the canal adjacent to the Gargariya Masterbari Bridge on the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway for a long time.  Although waste was dumped on both sides of this important highway day after day, the concerned people did not take any steps to remove it.
Hundreds of acres of land have become unsuitable for cultivation as the dirt goes directly to the Loblong canal from this dirt road and goes to the surrounding land.  In this corona epidemic where the farmers used to cultivate their land for their livelihood but the land was farmed due to dirt, the surrounding environment has become so polluted that anyone who goes here gets sick.  It has been seen that garbage is being dumped here in the vans designated by Sreepur Municipality and garbage vans and pickups of various factories are being dumped here.
Md. Khorshedul Alam, General Secretary, Bangladesh River Paribrajak Dal, Sreepur Upazila Branch, said:  This is not happening so I am drawing the attention of the appropriate authorities so that the garbage can be removed from here and another dumping can be arranged.
Maulana Mufti Md. Enamul Haque, founder and director of Talimussunnah Al Islamia Madrasa, said, “We are living in a very precarious and fragile condition. There is a school and a madrasa nearby.  .  Therefore, the demand of the heart of the people of the area should be raised by the party so that the garbage can be used as a resource by removing the garbage dump and making arrangements for dumping in the municipality.
So I am drawing the attention of the concerned authorities to stop dumping garbage on land, Loblong canal and roads.

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