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Director of Ahyan Jute Mill Mohammad Zahir Uddin Rajib is a successful young entrepreneur

Shamsul Alam Khokon(Fultola)Khulna: Mohammad Zahiruddin Rajib, who is pursuing a higher degree from abroad, has not run after his job, he has built his own industry and brought back the golden day of Jute. 4/5 thousand men and women have been provided employment in his organization.

The organization, which has won two national awards in a row, has regularly received foreign remittances. Rajib, a young entrepreneur, is now a model for others.

Mohammad Zahiruddin Rajib was born on 16 June 1988 in the traditional Bhuiyan family of Damodar adjacent to Fultala Upazila Parishad in Khulna. After passing SSC from Jahanabad Cantonment School, he passed HSC from Milestone College in the capital.

He later enrolled at the University of Melbourne in Australia for higher education. From there he obtained BBA and MBA degrees. Returning to the country, he did not run after his job but decided to set up an industry.

Ahyan Jute Mill Limited, established in 2011 on a 22-acre land in a pleasant environment south of Bejerdanga-Bhatpara road in Khulna Fultala, started its journey with a daily production of 12 metric tons. At present the daily production of the mill is 150 to 160 metric tons with the funding of Islami Bank. There are 4-5 thousand male and female workers and 250 employees.

Jute yarns, sacks and jute produced from the local quality jute are exported abroad. The fuel for road construction from waste is being used as an alternative cotton to mattress.

Jute was collected from Faridpur, Shibpur, Jamalpur, Sarishabari, Pabna, Burangmari, Rajshahi, Bogra, Satkhira and Jessore. The mill requires 11 to 12 lakh metric tons of raw jute per year. Already 9 lakh metric tons of jute worth Tk 216 crore has been purchased and stored. The jute yarns and sacks produced from the high quality jute of this mill are exported to 37 countries of the world with good reputation.

Among the exporting countries, jute worth 1.7 million Dollar is exported to Turkey, 1.1 million dollar to China and 0.8 million dollar to Europe every month.

At the private level, the jute mill received the trophy from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as it was selected as the best institution at the national level in 2018-19 and 2018-19 fiscal years. The chairman of the mill is Alhaj Ferdous Bhuiyan. Besides, Ahyan Jute Mill has been awarded as the best company using Mongla port in 2018-19 financial year.

The European Union delegation visited the Ahyan Jute Mill at different times to make a name for itself. They are satisfied with the environment of the mill, the relationship between the workers and the owners, the sincerity towards the work and the quality of the products. At various times, they go to the grassroots level to provide improved jute seeds to the farmers and arrange training for the farmers.

20 buses have been arranged for the workers of the mill. According to 3 shifts, workers were brought and taken from Fultala, Dumuria, Monirampur, Keshabpur, Kalia, Narail without hire. Weekly wages are paid every Thursday. Antibiotic sprays and necessary medical supplies and precautionary measures have been taken to prevent corona virus.

Rajib, a young industrialist, said in the context of bringing back the golden days, the versatile use of jute should be ensured. Attention should be paid to the use of jute yarn in the garment industry, as a raw material for car dashboards, interior making, curtains and paper industry.

Pakistan, China and India have developed handicrafts by importing jute yarn in our country. We have to do it too. It is possible for young people to earn their own employment and foreign exchange by building handicraft factories without running after jobs

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