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Dew-frost wind signals winter is coming Maherabbin Sunvi, Chuadanga Correspondent:

Maherabbin Sunvi, Chuadanga Correspondent: ‘Hemanta is wet with dew / hyacinths on the ground, silently smearing colors / dripping from the sky. In the poem ‘Hemanta’ written by the poet Sufia Kamal, the form of Hemanta of Bengal has been captured intensely.

In the same way, the current appearance of autumn at the end of autumn seems to indicate the turn of the season. Just like the poet’s skillful handwritten poetry.
The presence of dew drops, frosty wind and fog on the grass in the morning and evening along with the sunny sun in the tired afternoon is giving this message. Such is the nature of not only Chuadanga but the whole of Bengal.

A few days of rain under the influence of depression provoked nature. As a result, he has begun to inform that winter is coming! In the meantime, Goddess Durga has departed. As soon as you look at every field in Chuadanga, you can see dew drops on the young ends of grass and paddy. With that, the cold wind is being felt. It is as if the autumn is destroying everything in its nature.

According to writer and poet Kajal Mahmud, it is true that winter will come to Bengal due to the inevitable effect of seasonal variation. However, the arrival of winter in the life of Bengalis brings unmixed feelings. Just like spring or autumn we don’t invoke him. In winter, Bengal changes its form in its own way. Hembarani Hemanta Himel presents the winter dance in the air. The golden sun of the morning combines his arrival with the sweet rays of the sun. Charachar is covered with a natural sheet called fog.

New vegetables are sold in the market, date juice at seven in the morning, housewife’s pulses are given, pies are sold along the road. All this represents the winter of the city. Winter is also associated with the abhorrent cultural practices of Bengal. Winter is like a festival! Kavigan, jarigan, puppet dance, circus, jatrapala, natyamela how many more!

Let all the meetings be completed on a winter night. The joy of Maghipurnima is also a picture of the impeccable cosmos coming out of the frost. In the midst of all these fantasies, like the silent fall of a dew drop, the expectation is that no one should be defeated in Poushmas.

There is panic this winter. This is because the corona virus can be spread in the winter even if it is kept in some relief at present. From that fear, everyone’s expectation is that the variety of winter should not fade.

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