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Detainees including 95 Bangladeshis remanded in Malaysia for 14 days

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Late on Friday night, 326 foreigners, including Bangladeshis, were detained in a raid by the Immigration Department in a shared house area in Jalan Eco Majestic 1/2C, Kazang, Malaysia. Of these, 297 have been remanded for 14 days for violating immigration laws.

Datok Khairul Jazaimi Dawood, director general of the immigration department, said 326 foreigners were detained in the raid and 297 people were arrested after verifying their documents.

Khairul said most of the foreigners are thought to be working as construction workers in the manufacturing sector and some even run their own businesses.

Khairul Dajaimi Dawood told reporters, ‘Residents in the vicinity have complained that there are settlements where overcrowding, hygiene is not being observed. This is in violation of Section 446 of the law on safe housing and benefits for migrants in the country. For non-compliance with Act 446, employers will be fined 50,000 ringgit. Earlier, employers imposed fines of 350,000 ringgit for violating the law.

The detainees have been remanded in Simoniyah jail for 14 days.

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