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Demand for approval of the proposed committee excluding boat opponents in Kamalganj

Shayek Ahmed, Kamalganj (Moulvibazar): There has been a mixed reaction among grassroots leaders and activists over the proposed committee of Kamalganj Upazila Awami League. This is creating anger among the grassroots leaders and activists. There are allegations that a group openly opposed to the boat has taken place in the proposed committee. Hefazat, Jamaat and several leaders and activists of BNP are with him. As a result, angry grassroots leaders and activists have lodged multiple written complaints with the district committee to cancel the proposed upazila committee.

According to party sources, the council of Kamalganj Upazila Awami League was held on November 9, 2019. Central and district Awami League leaders announced a seven-member committee including Aslam Iqbal Milon as president and Advocate ASM Azadur Rahman Azad as general secretary and vice-president and joint-secretary at the conference of Kamalganj Upazila Awami League held after a long time. About a year and a half after the announcement of the six-member committee, a full 71-member committee was formed and the proposed committee was submitted to the Moulvibazar district Awami League for approval.

Speaking to multiple party sources and stakeholders, it is learned that several anti-boat people have occupied several important posts in the committee, which was submitted on April 12. Besides, relatives of the Upazila Awami League president and secretary have got seats in the committee. Anwar Hossain’s brothers Sanwar Hossain, Abdul Mumin Tarafdar, Khandaker Ahmed Hossain, Russell Matlib Tarafdar, Abdul Mannan, UP Chairman Md. Jewel Ahmed, Abdul Selected, Selim Mia has openly opposed the election, but has occupied a large position in the committee.

Besides, several leaders and activists of Hefazat, Jamaat and BNP have taken positions in the proposed committee. There are allegations that there are people in the committee who have never chanted the slogan ‘Joy Bangla’ on the streets. They have also been evaluated in the committee only because of family system. On the other hand, there are rumors of money trade behind not getting a place in the committee. There was a mixed reaction from the grassroots when the matter was submitted to the district committee for approval.

Although members of anti-Awami families and anti-boat people took place in the proposed 71-member committee in the just-concluded Kamalganj municipal elections, the proposed committee did not include the leaders and activists who were tortured in the past and supported by the boat. The apostate grassroots leaders and activists became angry. Leaders and activists of the party said that Advocate ASM Mahfuzur Rahman, nephew of General Secretary ASM Azadur Rahman, has taken over the post of Youth and Sports Affairs Secretary of the proposed committee without any politics.

Besides, Advocate Rokshana Akhter, daughter of President Aslam Iqbal Milon and her close relative Ashraful Haque Badrul have been appointed as Women’s Affairs Secretary. Hefazat leader Nurul Islam has been made a member. Former finance secretary of Adampur Union Juba Dal Md. Farooq Ahmed has also taken a position as a member. Jamaat leader Amir Ali has been appointed as a member of the committee.

Talking about this, Municipal Awami League vice-president Nurul Islam Pushpa said, there should be a committee of Upazila Awami League outside the family system. Sheikh Hasina’s hand cannot be strengthened by the anti-boat and the proposed committee on the people of Hefazat, Jamaat and BNP. Women Awami League leader Munna Roy said Sheikh Hasina’s decision was tantamount to betraying the leader who was given a place in the committee. Ratan Barma, acting general secretary of Shamshernagar Union Awami League, said if the committee was approved, the movement in the political arena would be difficult.

Awami League leader Gias Uddin said, Awami League is a huge party. There is no shortage of experienced leaders in this team. Dragging the people of the anti-boat BNP Jamaat and keeping them in the proposed committee is a bad signal for the party. Meanwhile, Shamshernagar and Munshibazar Unions of Kamalganj Upazila and Kamalganj Municipal Awami League have lodged written complaints with the district Awami League president / secretary against the proposed committee. In a written complaint, they demanded the district committee leaders to approve the committee by obstructing the anti-boat, Jamaat, BNP and Hefazat people in the proposed committee.

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