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Delicious food wrappers always

Juwel Islam, Taraganj (Rangpur): Placing the machine on a three-wheeled vehicle powered by a salo engine. Rice is being served on one side of the machine and on the other side it is growing like a rope in a moment. The name of this delicious and tasty food is always murki. Chan Mia prepares this delicious dish every day by ferry to Taraganj upazila of Rangpur. Chan Mia’s home is in Dhunat upazila of Bogra district. He has a small family of three members with one daughter and wife. He travels from village to village with the help of his machine to make this delicious dish with rice brought by people. At the end of the day, he sends whatever he earns to his wife.

Visiting Barati Dangapara village of Ikarchali union, it is seen that Chan Mia is always busy making murki. His three-wheeled car is surrounded by people of different ages who come to make the delicious food. Some have brought rice in a bowl, some in a bucket and some in a bag. Many people have been seen using chilli and spice in rice. So that Murki always gets this taste. Many people have been seen returning home with the joy of re-making murki always.

Talking to Aduri Begum, a housewife from Dangapara village who always comes to make murki. He said that Chan Mia’s murki is always a very fun, tasty and delicious food. Boys and girls like it very much. It costs 40 rupees to make one kg of rice. He got one dali filled murki from one kg of rice. Her sons and daughters will be very happy to get this new delicious food.

Lutfar Rahman of the same area, who came to make murki with rice with his two children, said the food was made by mixing home-made rice and some domestic spices. So that the food becomes more delicious. It does not use any chemicals. So I have always come to make murki for the children. Moreover, as this food is new and delicious, tasty and fun in our area, my children are very happy to get this food and they will eat it. I would love to see it.

Chan Mia came to Taraganj in Rangpur with his car for business as there was not much business in his area due to Corona. Talking to him, he said that the people of the area did not know the food at first. So in the beginning he had a lot of speed. Now this food is more or less known to the people of the area. Now there is no such problem. When they go out to the village, the people stumble. People of all ages, starting from small children, now surround my car to always make murki.

Chan Mia’s car cost 80 thousand rupees to make. It was made in Sirajganj. He can always make one to one and a half ounces of rice every day.

Chan Mia said there is no adulteration here. Moreover, no chemicals are mixed here. People bring their rice from home. I just always make murki on the machine. There is not always 40 rupees to make murki from one kg of rice. Many people pay 40 rupees with 1.5 kg of rice. The cost per day including car is 600 rupees. Excluding all the expenses, the average daily income is around 1000-1200 rupees.

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