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Customers’ human chain against former chairman of Faridpur FCC Bank Sheikh Fayez Ahmed

Faridpur Correspondent: The aggrieved customers have staged a human chain protest against the former chairman of Faridpur Central Co-operative Bank, Sheikh Fayez Ahmed, for irregularities, fraud, non-refund of deposits and harassment of customers with false cases.
The human chain program was organized by the bank’s aggrieved customers in front of the Faridpur Deputy Commissioner’s Office at 11 am on Sunday.
Lutfar Rahman, vice chairman of the bank, customers Halima Begum, Shakila, Nurjajahan and Sadhana Rani spoke on the occasion.
At that time, the customer Halima Begum said that she had taken a loan of Tk 50,000 from this bank and had to pay Tk 56,500 with profit. She had deposited Tk 29,650 and now the bank would get Tk 26,500 from her. The bank has filed a false case against her claiming that he will get Tk 1,40,140 due to the delay in paying the money due to Corona.
Another customer, Ambia Begum, said, “I have to repay Tk 34,500 with a loan of Tk 30,000.” I am paying Tk 11 thousand 65. The bank will get Tk 22,500 from me.While the bank has filed a case against me demanding Tk 35,057, customer Shakila Akhter said, I have repaid with a loan of Tk 20,000 with profit, now they have filed a false case against me claiming to get Tk 32,000, customer Nurjahan and the same situation, customer Omar Ali complained. Said, I have 85 lakh in this bank as FDR kept the money, even though I made a profit for the first few years, but now it is not making a profit, now I will get Tk one crore and 14 thousand  with profit. I am urging the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Deputy Commissioner and SP to arrange for my refund. Many customers complain like this. Meanwhile, many customers are not getting any remedy even after lodging multiple complaints with the Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police.
Meanwhile, the bank’s vice chairman Lutfar Rahman also took part in the human chain on behalf of the customers. At the same time, he said, Faridpur Central Co-operative Bank is not a scheduled bank, it is a bank of local co-operatives. Only registered local co-operative societies can be members of this bank and can transact any transaction. But the former chairman of the bank, Sheikh Fayez Ahmed, during his long tenure in the bank, kept only 32 members of his choice, excluding the hundreds of old registered co-operative societies which were members. He then took over from Scheduled Caste Bank, showing greed to give more profit to the common man and conducting banking activities with FDRs and deposits. Which is outside the co-operative bank management policy.
He further said that even though he was repeatedly banned, he did not listen to me and continued to take deposits and FDRs on a regular basis. Meanwhile, many depositors are not returning their deposits even after the expiry of their term and are not paying the profit of the deposit properly. In this regard, many customers have applied to the DC and SP without getting their money back. Meanwhile, since he could not hold any position in the bank for more than three consecutive terms, he formed a committee with the person of his choice, in which I was appointed as the vice-chairman. One member of the committee that has been formed does not know the other member. Although the term of the committee has passed for two years, no meeting has been held with all the members of this committee so far.
Although Sheikh Fayez Ahmed is not in any position in the present committee, he is occupying two rooms of the bank building and using it as a private office and he is running the bank as a shadow. He sat in that room and took rent from all the shops in the bank building and spent it on his personal work. During his tenure as a banker, he rented out millions of Tk from the bank building and made personal gains with fake bill vouchers.
I protested against his irregularities and sent me a letter of expulsion without any notice or meeting of the committee and filed a harassment case against me. Meanwhile, a two-point high-level investigation team from the Department of Co-operatives came to investigate his irregularities and found massive irregularities. They fear the bank will go bankrupt. Fearing danger, Sheikh Fayez Ahmed filed a case against the team and withheld the investigation report.
The money he took from the customers has not been approved by the management committee of Central Co-operative Bank Ltd., it has not been shown in the government audit, nor has it been deposited in any bank account. He is buying a car with bank money and using it for his own purposes. While on duty, he is embezzling millions of Tk with fake vouchers for car oil and garage rent. He has held the bank car in his possession even though he is not in any position in the bank. The bank has withdrawn vouchers 3 times for the website, but the website has not been opened yet. Every year a lot of money is being waste

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