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Crowd of fans in front of the house on Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday

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Today is the 56th birthday of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Every year, Shah Rukh Khan’s fans are eagerly waiting for this day. There is no end to their efforts to make the birthday of their favorite actor more special. This time too he was no exception. Fans have thronged in front of Shah Rukh’s house ‘Mannate’ in Mumbai from midnight on Monday.

This birthday, of course, is a little different for Shah Rukh Khan. King Khan and his family have had a very bad time with the arrest of Makyan and his eldest son Aryan Khan. Aryan was recently released on bail and returned home. Shah Rukh also has a smile on his face. The birthday celebration is therefore special to him.

According to a report in Indian media Hindustan, fans have been crowding outside Mannat since midnight on Monday. ‘Happy Birthday’ was sung together at midnight. Several of the videos have gone viral on social media. It can be seen that there is so much crowd outside Mannat at night that there is a problem in driving. The police gathered the devotees to remove the fans.

Every year Shah Rukh shakes hands with the fans from the roof of Mannat. The younger son Abram also stays with him occasionally. Earlier, he used to bring Aryan or Suhana on the roof of Mannat.

However, this time the fans are a bit confused about Shah Rukh’s birthday. Their fear is that he will appear after the Aryan debate. Because, Shah Rukh has kept himself hidden from public view since his son was arrested.

For now, fans gathered outside Mannat are looking at the house. When the actor of their dreams comes, shake hands for their purpose and they will rise in joy in that hope.

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