September 19, 2021, 4:44 pm

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Cows, waiting to be sold at the Greater Sagarika Cattle Market in Chattogram

 Md. Nesar Ahammed: Traders have started bringing sacrificial animals to Chattogram Sagarika cattle markets in the hope of selling at good prices. Trucks have been loaded with animals for the past few days;
Last  Friday , the shouts of the vendors were seen in many haats in Chattogram. Buyers are also coming, but less in number. He is also bargaining for animals around the market.
The cattle sellers think that the sale will start after the sighting of the moon.
This time there are 3 permanent hats in Chattogram  City Corporation area and 4 hats in temporary city corporation area.
Md. Abul Kalam Azad, Babul the lessee of Chattogram  Greater Sagarika Garu Hat, told Babul Daily Morning Glory,
The entire market of Sagarika Garu Hat in Chattogram is under CCTV surveillance, and for the safety of buyers and sellers of masks and hand sanitizers to prevent the spread of epidemic corona virus, CMP Pahartali Police Station OC Hasan Imam is on full alert Going through collaboration.Is by our side. As well as DB Police and SB.
It is known with one of the vendors that he was also coming to this market last time. I got a good price.
 I came to this market again
Last time there were more cows in the market. He did not get a good price because of that. But this time the cows are less than last time. Indian cows do not actually get better prices.
Let’s see how the cows are rising. If you like, you can buy it if you fall. He said that the price of cattle is being demanded more, the cows are still not fully frozen in the market. sales have not started. even then I will buy it if I like. lots of cows have been seen around the world market. Cows have also been tied to poles on both sides of the Dhaka-Chattogram  highway. Cows are being unloaded by truck.
Amargulan bebak dishi guru. Kyle left in the evening. Nailam in the morning. I bought cows at a higher price than last time. I can’t buy Camon price here. What is the body Nijam of Santhia in Pabna has brought 14 cows. He wants Indian cows not to enter Bangladesh this time. we worked hard to raise cows. During Eid, the price of Indian cattle comes down. This time it should not be. Because if the farmer makes a profit, he will invest. Cattle production will increase. If production increases, the country will benefit.
This time, the government has said that there are one crore 16 lakh ‘sacrificial’ animals in the country including cows, buffaloes, goats and sheep. Among these cattle there are 44.56 lakh cows and buffaloes and 61 lakh goats and sheep.

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