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Cows, buffaloes, drugs are coming through Jaintapur border: Administration is silent!

Sylhet Representative: The Jaintapur-Lalakhal border in Sylhet is now a safe road for smugglers. Illegal Indian cattle, buffaloes, drugs and peas are being traded under secret agreements with Jaintapur law enforcement and local administration. Prohibited import of goods including cows, buffaloes and drugs coming to the border illegally is going on day and night. Various products including beans, gold bars, melamine are being smuggled from Bangladesh to India. The dramatic silence of the local administration including the border security forces is creating curiosity in the minds of the people. Conscious quarters demand helpless administration to smugglers. Because these businesses run with huge masohara in secret agreements.

Lalakhal Road in Jaintapur Upazila has become known as the main smuggling road. Every night a fleet of stolen vehicles rushes along this road like a war vehicle. Roads are being damaged, road accidents are constantly being pushed by vehicles carrying stolen goods. If anyone protests, they are threatened and handed over to law enforcement with drugs.

When a college student posted a video of Indian cattle smuggling on social media in January, the video went viral. Fighting started all over the upazila. Enye Upazila law and order meeting was extensively discussed. Members of the source force formed to control the border. The source force has about 35 members. During the day, members of the force collect Rs 2,000 per cow, buffalo and Rs 120 per sack of Bangladeshi beans and Indian rice from the smugglers.

About 20 lakh rupees is collected from cows and buffaloes every day from Lalkhal border. Other Indian products and various brands of alcohol, drugs, cosmetics, bidi-cigarettes, mobiles around 5 to 10 lakh rupees was collected. The money raised every day is distributed to different forces.

Altubagan, Sreepur, Milatila, Chagal Khauri, Kathalbari, Kendri Haor, Ghilatail, Fulbari Gauri Shankar, Kamalabari, Guabari, Horni, Bairakhel, Jaliakhla, Baginagala, Lalajin The smugglers roam freely in an area of ​​about 10 km including Jangibil, Tumair, Yangraja, Balidanda, Baghchhara, Singaripar. Thousands of cows, buffaloes, drugs and other illicit goods are entering Bangladesh from India from dawn to dusk. Locals claim that thousands of crores of rupees and gold bars are being smuggled into India illegally. Exchange Indian leaf bidis are entering Bangladesh from India.

From the beginning of March, the traders of the land at different points of the border visited the border area from 2 pm to 8 am and showed the members of the smuggling ring entering Bangladesh with various prohibited products including cattle and buffaloes. In the presence of local law enforcement sources and members of the border force, cattle and buffaloes are entering the East Bazar, Darbast Bazar, Haripur Bazar of Jaintapur Upazila Sadar. According to a confidential report by a government intelligence agency, the border areas of Jaintapur, Gowainghat and Kanaighat upazilas are being used as open and safe roads for smugglers. The preliminary list of people involved in the smuggling business and some officials of the border area administration involved in the Indian smuggling ring have also been identified.

Some members of the smuggling gang, who did not want to be named, said that cows and buffaloes entered Bangladesh through an agreement with the BGB. Sometimes traders hand over 5 to 20 cows and buffaloes to the BGB for strategic reasons. In exchange, BGB and police are giving thousands of cows and buffaloes brought from India a chance to enter Bangladesh. Every Indian of the border security forces, administration, political leaders, people’s representatives, upazila and district media personnel knows about other products including cattle and buffaloes.

Talking to the National Intelligence Agency, it was learned that some members of the law enforcement agencies, upazila and district media persons are involved with the smugglers. Border residents are suffering as a result of illegal entry of cows and buffaloes through the border area. Cow-buffalo, mobile, Horlicks, medicine, liquor, Phensidyl, yaba, cigarettes of various bands, cosmetics, betel nut, low quality tea-leaves, Tata car purse, tires, springs, motorcycles in Bangladesh through smuggling through Sylhet border to Bangladesh through negotiations. Being brought. Due to the increase in smuggling, various misdeeds are taking place in the border villages. The smuggling business is being conducted safely in the Jaintapur-Meghalaya border area without the surveillance of BSF and BGB. East Bazar of Jaintapur Upazila Sadar, Darbast Bazar, Haripur Asha Indian Cattle Hat is being operated illegally. The illegal Indian garurhat in the upazila headquarters is located only 100 yards away from the upazila administration.

There are allegations that the Indian Pashurhat is being run with the direct help of the local administration. Several strong networks of smugglers are known to be active in the border areas. Conscious quarters think that if the Indian cattle and buffaloes are selected legally and one corridor is set up under certain camps in the border areas subject to national level negotiations between the two countries, then border smuggling will be reduced by 50-60%. As a result, smugglers of drugs and other goods will not be able to enter the border with the strategy of bringing cattle and buffaloes. As a result, the drug menace will be reduced and the youth of the area will be saved from destruction. Besides, the residents of the border villages will be freed from the clutches of smuggling.

After introducing himself as a journalist on the mobile phone with the 19 BGB Lalakhal Company Commander, he could not talk on the mobile phone and left the phone saying that he had met him in the camp. Jaintapur Model Police Station Officer-in-Charge Mohammad Mohsin Ali said the police are working to eradicate drugs. The border issue is not with the police. Even after that we are trying to control smuggling. None of our sources.

Upazila chairman and upazila Awami League president Kamal Ahmed said, “I was not present at this month’s law and order meeting.” In the previous month’s law and order and smuggling meeting, the members of the concerned forces have been asked to take legal action. He also said, we want to see the beautiful Jaintapur. For this, the concerned law enforcement agencies need to work in an accurate manner.

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