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Corona virus situation in the country is soothing: Department of Health

Dhaka /

The situation of corona virus in the country is soothing, said the spokesperson and director of the Department of Health (Department of Disease Control) Prof. Dr. Md. Nazmul Islam. He made the remarks in the Department of Health’s virtual bulletin on Sunday (October 3rd) about the Corona situation.

Dr. Nazmul said the overall situation in Corona is very comfortable considering the number of infections and deaths. Infections have been steadily declining in the last 2-3 weeks, bringing relief to all.

He said the rate of infection has come down from 4 per cent to 3.41 per cent in the last one week. In order to maintain this comfortable condition, it is possible to follow the necessary hygiene rules properly and reduce the rate of infection with the efforts of all.

‘In the last seven days, one lakh 73 thousand 315 samples were tested across the country, which is seven thousand 581 less than last week. At the same time, the number of patients identified was 6,573, which is about 23 percent less than the previous week. So far a total of 15 lakh 57 thousand 347 patients have been identified. In the last one week, 49 fewer deaths have been reported than in the previous week, a 23 per cent drop from the previous week.

A spokesman for the health department said more than 520,000 patients were identified in Dhaka district. The second highest number of more than 99,000 patients was identified in Chittagong district. Among the top corona infected districts, Noakhali has the lowest number of 22,880 patients.

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