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Corona vaccination activities have been started at ward level in 9 upazilas of Khagrachhari

Shahidul Islam, Khagrachhari: In order to control the corona virus infection in Khagrachhari Hill District, experimental mass immunization program has been started in 9 upazilas across the country. Vaccination activities started from the morning of Saturday 6th August and continued till 3 pm. This program has been started simultaneously in 36 unions and 3 municipalities of the district.
The 9 upazilas are Dighinala, Panchhari, Mahalchhari, Matiranga, Guimara, Ramgarh, Manikchhari, Laxichhari and Khagrachhari Sadar and the municipalities are Ramgarh, Matiranga and Khagrachhari.
According to the health department, there is an opportunity to vaccinate 6,200 to 1,800 vaccines in 1 ward in each union and 600,16,200 vaccines in 3 booths in 9 centers in the municipal area. As such, 39,000 people are preparing to be vaccinated against coronavirus. Meanwhile, the crowd of interested people at the vaccination centers was noticeable.
On the spot, several hundred men and women lined up at the immunization center at Shalban Textile Vocational School, Warder No. 6 in the district town. National identity card in everyone’s hands. People of all ages from young to old have come to get vaccinated. The number of ticks in most of the centers including Khagrachhari Government Women’s College is 200 so many have returned disappointed.
Khagrachhari District Civil Surgeon Dr. Nupur Kanti Das said, “I went to the vaccination centers provided to control the corona virus and saw the general public standing in line with great interest. Ignoring the rain-clouds is taking the vaccine very peacefully. Individuals involved in the immunization program are fulfilling their respective responsibilities by accepting the highest sacrifices. Volunteer brothers and sisters. Police and Ansar members are working to maintain law and order. Matiranga Upazila: In a festive atmosphere, mass vaccination activities have been started in Matiranga of Khagrachhari like the rest of the country following proper health rules.
Matiranga Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr Khairul Alam said 4,200 people would be vaccinated in 21 booths in 6 centers of 7 unions of Matiranga Upazila. He also said that priority would be given to women, the physically challenged, the elderly and people in remote areas. Union Parishad Chairmen are present at each center to ensure that the immunization activities are completed smoothly. Besides, officers of various departments at the upazila level are acting as supervising officers.
Police, Ansar and village police are cooperating to maintain law and order in the vaccination center. Youth Red Crescent and Chhatra League leaders and workers are working as volunteers in each center.
Matiranga Upazila Parishad Chairman Md Rafiqul Islam and Matiranga Upazila Executive Officer (ADO) Hedayet Ullah visited several vaccination centers. At this time, they expressed satisfaction with the overall situation of the vaccination center.
Matiranga Upazila Nirbahi Officer (ADO) Hedayet Ullah said the vaccination activities are going on smoothly. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the people who come to get vaccinated. He urged all to follow the hygiene rules and get vaccinated. Expressing heartfelt thanks on behalf of the upazila administration to all those involved in the vaccination program, Md. Hedayet Ullah said, “Under the strong leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, every citizen of the country has the opportunity to get vaccinated.”
Mahalchhari Upazila: On the first day of the mass vaccination in Mahalchhari of Khagrachhari, a large number of people were seen at the vaccination center. Like all over the country, 10 centers were set up in 5 unions of Mahalchhari upazila for corona vaccination. Vaccination activities started at 9:30 am on Saturday (August 7) ​​by including the name of the vaccinator and the number of the national identity card in the list. The number of union based vaccination centers is 2 in Mahalchhari Sadar Union, 3 in Mubachhari Union, 2 in Myschhari Union, 2 in Kyanghat Union and 1 in Sindukchhari Union.
Manabendu Chakma, a tag officer in charge of the immunization center in Mubachhari Union, said many people have come to the immunization center with great interest.
Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr. Dhanishtha Chakma said that the presence of vaccinators at the vaccination center is quite good. However, as Kyanghat Union is the only remote area, people may not be able to come to the center properly and it may not be possible to vaccinate 600 people. Even then, I will try to vaccinate as many as 600 people as much as possible. The remaining centers have no problem.
He further said that on the first day in Mahalchhari, 3,000 people in 5 out of 5 unions are to be vaccinated. I will try to vaccinate 3 thousand people even if it is a little difficult.
Manikchhari Upazila:
 Epidemic Kovid-19 mass vaccination program has started across the country from Saturday 7th August. Crowds of vaccinators have been observed since morning at five centers, including the Upazila Health Complex in Manikchhari upazila of Khagrachhari.
A visit to the Upazila Health Complex and the ground floor showed that an average of 200 people from wards 1,2,3 of the four Union Parishads of the upazila were given the opportunity to be vaccinated on the first day. However, since morning, women and men have visited Manikchhari Islamia Dakhil Madrasa Center at Gachchabila in UP No. 1, Batnatali High School No. 2 in Batnatali UP, Panna Karbaripara Government Primary School No. 3 in Yogyachola UP and Tintahari Union Parishad Center No. 4 in UP. . Wax in charge there

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