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Corona rapid test device is not in the country: Minister for Expatriate Welfare

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The UAE wants to set up an RT-PCR laboratory at the airport. Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment Minister Imran Ahmed said it takes more time to test RT-PCR. Rapid PCR takes less time. However, there is no corona rapid test device in the country.

Imran Ahmed made the remarks after inspecting the parking lot at the airport on Tuesday (September 21st). The Minister said that the issue of SOP is a matter of civil aviation.

This is not a matter for the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Health. Civil aviation will work on the basis of where they sent it, where they will get clearance. We are currently working on RT-PCR. We will also consider rapid tests. I can’t say yet where it will end up.

Asked when the Corona laboratory would be launched, the expatriate welfare minister said it should have been a week ago. But in reality that did not happen. Involvement of different ministries is a problem.

The Expatriate Welfare Minister hopes that the Corona Laboratory will be launched at the airport in three days. “My responsibility is to make it easier for expatriates to go,” he said. It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health and Civil Aviation to facilitate this process. Today was the final decision, we were in a daze for so long.

Also present on the occasion were Health Minister Zahid Malek, Chief Secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office Ahmed Kaikaus, Secretary to the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment Ahmed Munirush Salehin, Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority and senior officials of the two ministries.

Incidentally, the UAE has imposed the condition of Corona RT-PCR test six hours before departure to that country. Due to this many expatriates have not been able to go to work for a long time.

On 15 September, the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare selected seven non-government organizations to set up an RT-PCR laboratory for corona testing at Shahjalal International Airport. Of these, six companies submitted Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

These SOPs are sent to the UAE for verification. However, the UAE authorities have not yet responded.

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