September 28, 2021, 7:08 am

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Corona: OC Golam Dastagir is showing thumbs up to government instructions!

Arun Sarkar, Bureau Chief Sylhet : OC Golam Dastagir disobeyed the hygiene rules and took a flower reception in the office just when the government was tightening the lockdown to curb the rise of coronavirus infection in the country. Some of these pictures have gone viral through social media. Since the images went viral on April 22, there has been an uproar in the area over the OC’s public awareness campaign. An online TV channel has seen pictures of Jaintapur transport workers going viral on Facebook.
At the very moment when our neighboring country India is counting corpses after corpses, the officer-in-charge of Jaintapur Model Police Station is overjoyed and is very enthusiastic about others without using masks. Such allegations have been leveled against him. The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has already taken various initiatives to prevent corona. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina herself is giving directions on video call along with regular awareness vultures. Though mysterious, Satya OC Golam Dastagir is desperate to fulfill his responsibilities above the law by showing his thumbs up to that government directive. In addition to his own death, others are also facing the death of coronavirus. Despite the fact that Jaintapur is a border area, it is not moving.

Border Area Jaintapur Thana Police with the tip of the nose Alubagan, Lalakhal, Ramprasad (Darbast) road, cows, buffaloes, various types of drugs, cosmetics, leaf bidis, bomb equipment, weapons, venomous snake venom, intoxicating tablets, sari, low quality Such banned Indian products are entering the country. After falling into the trap of some unscrupulous Border Guard (BGB) members and smugglers, the police are also collecting lakhs of rupees even during the coronation period. While the Prime Minister, ministers and MPs of the administration of the Bangladesh government are campaigning to prevent coronavirus infection, the OC has given birth to the discussion by becoming a star in exchange for the goodwill of Dastagir.

However, the coronavirus has claimed the lives of many people, including people from different walks of life. There is also speculation going on in the conscious community. According to them, if the common people do not wear masks or do not follow the hygiene rules, they will be jailed and in the case of OCs, they will be given a flower reception. When contacted by Jaintapur Model Police Station Officer-in-Charge Golam Dastagir on his mobile phone, he said, “What else can I say?”

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