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Construction work of Manikchhari Thana Complex building has not been completed in 5 years due to negligence of the contractor

Shahidul Islam, Khagrachari: Despite the government’s directive to complete the construction of Manikchhari Thana Complex building in 18 months, the contractor has not been able to complete 75% of the construction work even after 5 years.The Public Works Department, the project implementing agency, has protested the contractor five times to find out the reason for the slow pace of work. Meanwhile, as the construction work of the building has not been completed, the office activities are going on in the old dilapidated building with the presence of police members.It is learned on the ground that in the last 2016-17 financial year, the Department of Public Works has invited tenders for the construction of 101 police station complex buildings across the country.

The construction cost of the four-storey Manikchhari police station building with a six-storey foundation has been estimated at Tk 5.36 crore. On September 1, 2016, the Public Works Department issued a work order to Md. Nazir Hossain & Nahyan Enterprise Contracting Company for the construction of Manikchhari Thana Complex building.And the work is being contracted by a person named Jebil Hossain Royal. No one has seen him at work so far. Due to his extreme indifference at the beginning of the work, it was not possible to complete the work of 18 months in almost 5 years! Only 75% of the contractors have already completed the work. And at this time the contractor has got showcause 5 times for slowing down the work.

As a result, the Public Works Department has already issued a letter announcing the deadline on June 30. If the contractor does not complete the work within this period, the Public Works Department will complete the work in an alternative arrangement by confiscating the bail including the departmental case against him. This was stated by Md. Faisal Hossain, Executive Engineer, Khagrachhari Public Works Department.Meanwhile, as the construction work of the Thana Complex building has not been completed for a long time, the official activities of the Thana Police are facing various problems including law and order issues. Lack of seating in the old tinset building and small rooms in the burnt-out barracks are making it difficult for police to spend the night.

Md. Faisal Hossain, executive engineer of Khagrachhari district public works department, said that after joining the district, he had given five petitions to complete the construction work of Manikchhari police station complex building quickly. In this long time only 75 percent of the work has been completed. The contractor has been informed with the deadline of June 30 to complete the rest of the work. Otherwise, all measures will be taken against the contractor for forfeiture of fine and security. Contractor Jebil Hossain Royal’s mobile phone could not be reached for the past one week.

In this regard, Khagrachhari Superintendent of Police Mohammad Abdul Aziz said the Department of Public Works has invited tenders for the construction of 101 police station complex buildings across the country in the 2017-18 financial year. Two of the three police station complex buildings in the district have already been completed under this project.The indifference of the contractor has been observed from the very beginning of the construction of the Manikchhari Thana Complex building. As a result, the work of one and a half years has been going on slowly for about 5 years now! The Department of Public Works has set a deadline of June 30 for the contractor to complete the work.

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