May 11, 2021, 1:47 am

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Conflict in ‘Alem Alem’ is a state of war!

Arun Sarkar: Critical discussions are going on in the country about the non-political organization Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh. Social media has also been flooded with rumors about custody. Scholars are also competing for the arrest and opposition of one leader after another. The last fight pushed them towards civil war.

In the meantime, 62 more scholars have issued statements against Hefazat. The statement called on the people to reject Hefazat’s current politically divisive leadership. The ruling party is now trapped in their fence. According to many, Hefazat-e-Islam is creating a fasbade by misinterpreting the religion of Bangladesh. However, from the very beginning, Hifazat-e-Islam Bangladesh has been claiming that their movement is not against the Awami League government or the state. They have called for a movement to establish Islam. However, I am not saying that all scholars are bad. But in the end, where did the water go?

Mass arrests, conflicts of opportunity-seeking scholars have changed the course of that movement. Scholars are divided today. Violence and extremism have become their life partners. Some are overjoyed, some are busy clapping and some are in solitary confinement. In this situation, the leaders and activists of some different Islamic parties are running. Today they are plotting to defeat each other. In this, another party is desperate to occupy the field to trade in the name of Waz Mahfil. Alas, the so-called Alem Samaj. Do this, the people of Bengal never expected to see the destiny. At present, they are beating themselves with their own feet. What else do they deserve? But yes, those who want to corrupt and distort the state apparatus by using religion also deserve it. If there is a discrepancy in the book of accounts, there is no doubt as to why the scholars and the oppressors must be burnt to ashes in that fire tomorrow.

Is the lockdown that the government has called for a lockdown in the huts, bazaars, villages, towns and ports to stop the custody leaders or to increase the coronavirus infection? Also, the question in our minds is whether it is wrong to protest against the peaceful protest movement, deprivation of freedom of speech, snatching of the right to vote or deprivation of freedom of expression in any independent state? Is the government severely curtailing freedom of speech with extreme intolerance against dissent, which one? Etc. etc…? This is having a huge impact on the political arena of Bangladesh. The victims are social values, education, culture, economy and many more. Decay is increasing in the society. Crush the garlic cloves. It remains to be seen whether the Islamic parties will be able to turn around from that fall.

Apart from the ruling party in the country, the leaders of other parties are also in dire straits. In the illusion of the team, many people have endured many things with understanding, but in the hearts of many, there is poison. That poison is slowly dying a painful death. Droplets are larger than water. It should not be the case that in order to exterminate a group, one should lose one’s lineage identity. If a poisonous snake bites, it will surely bite to death. The Bangladesh government must keep this in mind. In the same way, those who have become scholars today or who are talking here and there in their own intellect should also be aware. Otherwise it is a matter of seconds for Ganesha to change.

According to the ruler, some corrupt imams are mentioned in the religion,

In the last days) the rulers will be the worst people in the nation. Then it is easy to guess how the allies of these rulers, the friends of the rulers, the ulama, will go astray. Hazrat Hasan Basri (may Allah have mercy on him) said that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “This ummah will continue to receive the grace of Allah as long as the qaris and scholars of this ummah refrain from saying yes to the ruling class.” [Kitabur Rakkayik, Ibn Mubarak]

Meanwhile, light machine gun posts have been set up in several police outposts in Bangladesh. There is no end to the speculation in the minds of the people. The situation in the independent state is cloudy!

The perpetrators of the law are facing war today. Police in the police station hills for fear of some extremist Hafez. Even in war. What could be more shameful for the government. However, the government has to find a way out of this. Otherwise, many young people studying in madrassas are likely to be in danger soon.

Journalist and writer.

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