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Complaint of not giving certificates to the real landless in Kanaighat !

Sylhet Bureau :

James Leo Ferguson (Nanka), a heroic freedom fighter of Laxmiprasad West Union No. 2 in Kanaighat Upazila of Sylhet, has been accused of not giving certificates to the real landless. On the contrary, kinship is going on. As a result, anger has spread among the landless in the local area.

It is learned that the corrupt Nanaka chairman is paving the way for the victory of the advance union elections with the landless certificates of the influential rich people without heeding the government regulations. Such serious allegations have been made against him. It has been seen that he has already given a certificate of landlessness to Makhan Shulk Vaidya, the son of the deceased Pramud Shulk Vaidya of Baurbhag 2nd volume of the area. Since then, there has been a storm of criticism in the local area.

According to a source, Makhan Vaidya’s two brothers are expatriates in Dubai. They also have a huge one-storey tin shed. But the mysterious but true fact is that Chairman Nanaka, even after knowing everything, gave the landless certificate in the name of that person. Such a fact has come out in the investigation.

It is also learned that Makhan Vaidya Bhumikheko Chakra staged a drama at a press conference alleging embezzlement of their land in Sampati Kanaighat Upazila. The people also tried to hide their belongings in different areas by hiding the cats in the bag. The Nanaka chairman helped them. Makhan Vaidya Gang-ra has been recklessly occupying the land with the help of his neighbors. In the meantime, they have created complications in multiple cases in Kanaighat police station under the Criminal Procedure Code. In a word, the strong hit on the weak. And the master of the play is the so-called chairman of the ruling party, Attar Union, the heroic freedom fighter James Leo Ferguson (Nanka).
When Makhan Vaidya’s mobile phone was contacted to know about this, no statement was received as his daughter received the call.

Talking on the phone with James Leo Ferguson (Nanka), a heroic freedom fighter, he said, “I have no hand in giving landless certificates to UP members and Tashildars if they certify me.” Other things he denies.

Talking to UP member Abdul Malik about this, he said that he did not know anything about Makhan Vaidya being landless. He said he did not have any certification. At that time, he said that if Chairman Saab had given him any certificate, it was his personal matter.

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