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Collection of fees in the name of assignment MP Hafiz Majumdar’s joke with the instructions of the Ministry of Education!

Sylhet Representative : The authorities of Scholars Home Majortila School and College are manipulating the tuition fees by disobeying the instructions of the Ministry of Education of the Government of Bangladesh. This tuition fee is being taken away by putting pressure on students and parents. Earlier, there were many allegations against this educational institution for embezzling money during the coronation period.

Even though the news has been published in various newspapers and magazines including social media online news portals, their running is not being stopped due to mysterious reasons. However, it has been alleged that the founder (owner) in charge of the college authorities is the leader of the ruling party and the business called tuition fee is being continued.

According to the information given by the students and parents, even when the whole of Bangladesh was locked down for the corona virus, the college authorities took away the tuition fees from many by showing various fears to the students and parents. Many parents are still following the government’s instructions without paying tuition fees. Recently, on 6/11/2020, the Ministry of Education of the Government of Bangladesh was instructed not to accept tuition fees.

It mentions to follow the guidelines of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education. But even though it is mysterious, the tuition fee is being taken publicly by showing thumbs up to that assignment of the Ministry of Truth Education. However, it is clearly stated in the assignment that no money or fee can be taken from the student till further instructions during the assignment.

Even after all this, the salary is being collected by calling the students to the school and taking assignment (examination).
Considering the corona and health situation in Bangladesh, all the candidates are already getting autopass in HSC examination. The decision not to conduct PSC and JSC examinations has already been announced. However, it has been decided that the 30-day syllabus will be evaluated at the secondary level.
According to the Department of Secondary and Higher Education (Maushi), one assignment per week will be given in the 30-day syllabus from November to December.

Students will complete the assignment at home and submit it to the school. They will be evaluated on this basis. Even those who have online facilities will be able to take and submit assignments online.
Parents of those who are not will contact the teachers and take and submit the assignment. And those who have moved to other areas due to Corona, they can take advantage of this from the nearest school. Assignments can also be taken and submitted directly from Mausi if required.

But the picture in Sylhet is different. Authorities are taking students to school here. Teachers do not agree that the reason is that schools and colleges across the country have been closed since March 17 or this assignment system has been introduced. Money is being squandered by explaining the assignment and talking about arrears of salary.

Several parents, who did not want to be named, said teachers from the Scholarshome institution had pressured them to pay tuition fees. They also said that if the fee is not paid, the students will not be promoted in other classes or they will not be tested.

Meanwhile, on Sunday (November 15) I went to Scholarshome Majortila School and College and found the truth. However, no teacher agreed to talk to the reporter about this.

Later, when the founder owner contacted Hafiz Majumder, MP of Sylhet 5 constituency, on his mobile phone, he admitted that he had taken the tuition fee. At the time, he said, the money was being collected to pay teachers.

Talking about the assignment of the Ministry of Education, he avoided the matter with humor and disconnected the mobile phone without any consent. Although he is the founder of several educational institutions in Sylhet.

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