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Coal-laden bulkhead sinks at Mongla port

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A coal-laden bulkhead named MB Fardin sank after being hit by a ship in Harbaria area of ​​Mongla port in Bagerhat. Three employees of Bulkhead are missing.

The incident of bulkhead sinking took place at 9:30 pm on Monday.

It is learned that the foreign ship MV Elina B, stationed at Harbaria No. 9 of the port, loaded coal and left for Dhaka Mirpur with MB Fardin 1 bulkhead. At that time, while leaving the port from the opposite direction, the foreign ship MV Handpark collided with the ship loaded with coal. The back of the bulkhead is then submerged by water. Meanwhile, the launch of Messrs. T. Hawk, the coal unloading company of the MV Elina B, came and rescued two employees of the lighter and one Ansar. Three employees of Bulkhead are still missing.

Messrs. T. Hawk Company Supervisor. Lokman Hossain said that after the accident, he informed the Bangladesh Coast Guard, Navy and the concerned branch of the port. However, he expressed his displeasure as he did not get any cooperation by 12 midnight.

Supervisor Lokman Hossain claimed that the sunken bulkhead could contain 500 to 600 metric tons of coal. Some parts of the bulkhead were also seen at 12 o’clock at night.

Fakir Uddin, Harbor Master Commander of Mongla Port Authority, said the bulkhead had partially sunk. This will not affect the movement of ships. Quick rescue action will be taken.

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