October 22, 2021, 4:32 pm

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CMP’s Double Mooring Police team retrieves Abul Khair’s looted cigarettes

Md. Nesar Ahammed: The city’s Double Mooring Police have recovered the goods of Abul Khair Tobacco Company Limited, which was looted from the warehouse of a distributor named Khwaja Traders in front of Kadamtali Postarpar Jame Mosque.

The information was confirmed by Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Double Mooring Police Station Mohammad Mohsin on Sunday (May 30). According to police sources, the father and son involved in the smuggling business have been arrested. The son is a computer science student at Comilla University.

OC Mohammad Mohsin said the main culprit involved in the recovery of Abul Khair’s group’s looted goods worth Tk 33 lakh has been arrested. The arrested persons have looted goods worth more than crores of rupees in the last four months alone. In the last five years, the gang has looted goods worth around Tk 10 crore in about 50 robberies.

He added that one person was killed recently for obstructing the looting of warehouses in Patenga. The cycle also shoots when interrupted somewhere. A press conference was organized at the police station on Monday (May 31) at 11:30 am to give details about this. Last Thursday (May 26) at around 4 am, the goods of Khwaja Traders warehouse were looted. Distributor MM Hossain Parvez told, The Morning Glory.

that around 10 am, 10 to 12 robbers came with weapons and broke the lock of the warehouse and took away the goods. Cash could not take the money, they came a little before the Fajr call. There was a storekeeper named Shah Alam in the office. When he came out at the sound of breaking the lock of the warehouse, the robbers hit him with a local weapon and put him down. At night they also raided the office of Pahartali Abul Khair. At this time he tied the two doormen. Unable to take advantage, the bandits raided our warehouse in Kadamtali. 101 cartons of goods have gone from the warehouse. The price is about 40 lakh taka.

He added that a few days ago, robberies took place in several warehouses including Madambibir Hat and Kamal Bazar. They came with trucks and weapons and left. People kill when they stop. There is a cycle of these robbers. They target and rob.

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