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Classes are being conducted in a healthy environment in 152 primary schools in Kamalganj

Kamalganj / Moulvibazar :

After the closure of educational institutions for a year and a half due to Kovid-19 infection, 221 educational institutions including schools, colleges, madrasas and kindergartens in Kamalganj of Moulvibazar have been reopening since September 12 under the government direction.

Students and parents are happy after the opening of 152 primary schools in the upazila after making class routines, cleaning and applying disinfectants in accordance with the government rules.

On Thursday (September 15), the 4th day of lessons was observed in various primary schools following the hygiene rules. Teaching activities are being carried out in these schools by ensuring health rules and maintaining social distance as per the instructions given by the government.

At the beginning of the day, students were seen to go to school spontaneously following the hygiene rules. On the way the children are walking towards the school. Someone teamed up with classmates. Someone alone. There was a glimmer of happiness on their faces as they entered the school. There was excitement among them. The joy of meeting friends and classmates after a long time.

Visiting Krishnachandra Government Primary School in the upazila, it was seen that the students are being given masks at the main gate of the school, sprayed and their body temperature is being measured. The same picture was seen in different schools. After a long time, 5th class students who were overwhelmed to come to class, in the language of Biswajit Urang, Sourav Mia, Nazmul, Taj Uddin, the school of joy, the safe school is not crowded like before, it has become a habit to wash hands and wear masks again and again. Shant Kumar Singh, Headmaster of Krishnachandra Government Primary School and Nurul Islam, Headmaster of Vanubil Government Primary School No. 1 said, I decorated the school. Moreover, all the preparations have been completed as per the instructions including Max, Hand Sanitizer.
Moshahid Ali, headmaster of Mangalpur Government Primary School, said, “We have set aside a room for max, hand sanitizer, temperature machine and 1 separate isolation on behalf of the school.”
Abdus Sabur, headmaster of East Vanubil Government Primary School, said, “We have opened the school following government instructions.” However, on the first day, students are being orientated on what to do to deal with the Corona situation and return to education management. Classes are in full swing from Monday.
Shirin Akhter, an associate teacher of the same school, said that the government’s decision to open an educational institution in compliance with the health rules was timely. Teachers are returning to the students after a long time in the epidemic situation. By returning to class, students’ boredom and frustration will gradually subside. Nelly Nusrat Jahan, co-teacher of Hatkhola Government Primary School, Vanubil Government Primary School No. 2; They said the entire school campus, classrooms, toilets – everything has been cleaned before. Marking has been done to keep the distance on the road, seating has been arranged while maintaining physical distance in the classroom. Adequate sanitation has been provided in the school.
Kamalganj Upazila Education Officer Saiful Islam Talukder said, “Teachers and students will conduct classes in all schools in a clean and conducive environment following the hygiene rules and all kinds of instructions.” Kamalganj Upazila Executive Officer Ashekul Haque said, . Teachers have also been advised.

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