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Christmas is the biggest festival of the Christian community in Kumarkhali

Kushtia Bureau: The Christian community in Kushtia’s Kumarkhali is celebrating Christmas with great enthusiasm. The opening prayer on Saturday morning to celebrate this coming day of the Lord Jesus with the message of peace and well-being, Greetings were given and a cake was cut to give a good start to the program at the Children of Light Church.

During this time they took part in prayers for Jesus’ blessing and for the welfare of the world Upazila Nirbahi Officer(UNO) Bitan Kumar Mandal delivered the introductory prayer and greeting message in the morning on the occasion of the celebration of the day under the overall supervision of Reverend Zaker Ali Shuva.

KM Siddiqur Rahman, President of Kumarkhali Reporters’ Unity, General Secretary Farhad Asif Tipu, Shudhangsu Kumar Ghosh, President of the Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Council, Babu Nab Kumar Dutta, President of Puja Udjapan Parishad Kumarkhali Branch, Shishir Kumar Biswas, Joint General Secretary of Puja Udjapan Parishad Kumarkhali, Various members of the affluent community including Fire Service and Civil Defense, Kumarkhali were present. At the end of the ceremony, blankets were distributed among the winter victims.

At this time, the speakers said that if organizing festivals and riots like other times creates the risk of exacerbating the existing crisis, then not walking that path is a beautiful path. What is more beautiful than life? Therefore, in order to save this life, the only way to show love and sympathy towards the loved one is to behave cautiously. The message of the human ideal that Jesus preached is always applicable and significant to all, irrespective of race or religion. His message of peace is eternal. Jesus’ call and sacrifice are against all evil and ugly.

May Jesus’ teachings of moderation, tolerance and love be the path of all. This Christmas, people will bring back the time of relief by holding these three meanings in their chests – this is the expectation. May the joy of Christmas celebrations all over the world, including Bangladesh, awaken true humanity in people; May the teachings of love, peace, and harmony that Jesus Christ preached be reflected in the lives of all. Only then will the celebration of Christmas be considered significant for everyone. To give this day a special status, almost all the countries of the world have been observing December 25 as a public holiday.

December 25 is also a public holiday in Bangladesh. Like all other countries in the world, Christians in this country are celebrating Christmas. People have free religious freedom in Bangladesh. Other people do not feel alienated from the peace and humanity that Christians in this country remember when celebrating Christmas. It can be said that people of all religions share in the joy of this festival. The main message of every religion is humanity.

Humanity is at the heart of the message of love, affection and peace that is preached on the occasion of Christmas. No religion is isolated from this feeling. Christmas to the people peace, Teaches love and harmony. Special prayers were offered for peace and prosperity of the country on the occasion of the day. It is hoped that all the people of the country will be bound in brotherhood and build a prosperous Bangladesh at Christmas. Merry Christmas.

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