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Chittagong Medical College Hospital : MRI Machine Has Become Obsolete In Less Than Three Years !

Md Shahadat Hossain: An MRI machine worth about Tk 10 crore installed in the radiology and imaging department of Chittagong Medical College (CMC) Hospital has become obsolete in less than three years.As a result,patients have to be rushed to private diagnostic centers.

In addition to suffering,the cost is also increasing.The relatives of the patient say that the MRI test which can be done at CMC Hospital at RS.

Admitted to the cardiology department. A relative of a patient named Osman said that his father was admitted to Chittagong Medical College Hospital a few days ago.The doctor recommended an MRI.

First let’s find out if it can be done in the hospital.Later I heard that the machine was damaged here.Later this test was done outside with extra fee.

A relative of another patient named Khadija Begum said that this hospital is the last hope of ordinary patients.But an important testing machine in the hospital has been broken for a long time.Those who have money may be able to test outside.But those who do not have the money can not test?

According to hospital sources,the company has supplied the Japanese model of ‘Hitachi 1.5 Tesla’ by a company called Medical Pvt. Dhaka.It was launched on October 25, 2017.On October 28 this year,a sudden mechanical problem occurred.This stopped the service activities of the patients.On October 29,the head of the radiology and imaging department of the hospital informed the hospital authorities about the matter.

The hospital director contacted the National Electro-Medical Equipment Maintenance Workshop and Training Center (NIMU & TC) under the Ministry of Health.Some important parts of the MRI machine are completely damaged and need to be repaired at a cost of around Rs 10 lakh,which is impossible without the approval of NimiU & TC authorities. So the hospital authorities are looking at the decision of the health department.

Every day 15 to 20 patients were examined in this MRI machine.But if the machine worth crores of rupees is left like this for a long time,the concerned people are thinking that other parts may also be damaged.

Chittagong Medical College Hospital, Professor of Radiology and Imaging. Subhash Majumder said 9 to 10 lakh rupees is needed to activate the obsolete MRI machine.Which has been reported to the authorities of ‘NimiU & TC’.The machine can be repaired if they discount the money.We are also trying to figure out how to start the machine faster. Hopefully in a short time we will be able to serve the patients again.

If you want to know about the operation of the damaged MRI machine,the deputy director of the hospital said.Aftabul Islam said he had written a letter to the authorities about repairing the machine. They have seen it once.Since the machine is expensive and its equipment is also very expensive,it requires a large sum of money to repair it.

With financial support from NimiU & TC,we will be able to repair the machine and make it serviceable.

Incidentally,MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is a modern diagnostic test, which takes very clear pictures of the internal organs of the human body to detect specific diseases or abnormalities.

MRI is used to examine the brain, spine,joints (such as knees, shoulders,wrists and ankles),abdomen, breasts,blood vessels,heart and other parts of the body.

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