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China must pay compensation: Trump

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Former US President Donald Trump has called on all countries, including the United States, to seek compensation from China for the damage caused by the coronavirus.

He made the call Saturday at a Republican Party conference in North Carolina, local time, ANI reported.

Trump said it was time for the United States and other countries to demand compensation and accountability from the Chinese Communist Party. We need to raise our voices. Compensation must be paid to them; I have to pay.

At the conference, Trump stressed that the United States should impose 100 percent tariffs on Chinese goods now. Doing so could stop China from increasing their military spending and could result in many investors returning to the United States.

The former president added that the Chinese president had a very good relationship with him until the coronavirus was spread. Trump says China does not like current President Joe Biden.

Trump said all countries would have to demand at least ট্র 10 trillion in compensation from China for their losses in Corona. This means though much less than the loss. In addition, countries that are financially indebted to China should collectively cancel their debt repayment plans.

Earlier, he accused the Biden administration of being “cowardly” and “corrupt.”

He further added that Biden and his family had received millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party. They lied to the American people. But the big news media did not utter a word about it.

He also criticized Anthony Fauci, an infectious disease specialist in the United States.


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