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Celebration in the houses at the Asrayan project in Madaripur

Aysha Siddika Akashee, Madaripur: ‘What else can I give except prayers for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina? We have nothing more to give her. She is that loving mother. Today, we have found a place for her, got a nice house, got the land. Now we can say that we are not landless which I never dreamed of. What is the joy of this? Until now, we used to build huts in people’s houses and other people’s lands. Today here, tomorrow I would live elsewhere. How many people used to talk. Empty the space, you are the rubbish of society; As irritating as we are for you. Now no one will talk about all this. Now we can keep our heads high, we are not the garbage of the society, we are also human beings. After praying, I pray to Allah for the Prime Minister, may she live longer, may she give houses and land to many more helpless people like us.’ Old woman Asiya Begum, housewife Nazma Begum, old Abdul Wahed Talukder, Hafsa Begum. Beneficiaries who received the gift of the Prime Minister expressed the same feeling as them.

After visit to the Peyarpur Asrayan project area, it’s seen that rows of houses have been built in the natural environment surrounded by greenery. Behind and in front of all these beautiful and strong houses is the cool shade of various varieties of green forest. In front of each house is an open space with its own boundaries. Some have planted gardens, some have grown vegetables, some have raised chickens, some have built colorful arches in front of their houses to make it more attractive. Roads in front of the border and rows of trees on the side of the road. The green leafy environment is like a factory of oxygen. There is free electricity facility round the clock.

The gift given by the Prime Minister is at the dream address and the male guardians work in other districts including Dhaka. They come here for one or two days a week and go back to their job again. Many families raise poultry and cattle.

Beneficiary Abdul Wahed Talukder said, “Our houses here are very durable. We were thinking about everything we heard from other districts. Compared to that, all our houses are beautiful and of good quality.” Another beneficiary, housewife Nazma Begum, said, “I pray for the Prime Minister. Today we are happy with the grace of God in her gift. May Allah grant her long life. My husband Nasir Fakir and I decorated our house beautifully.”

Madaripur Sadar Upazila Project Implementation Officer Mashiur Rahman said, “As a gift from the Prime Minister, we have been allotted 165 houses in two phases. Of these, 100 houses have been completed and the houses with 2 percent land per family have been handed over to the beneficiaries. The construction of the remaining 75 houses is underway. It will be handed over as soon as the work is completed. ‘

Madaripur Sadar Upazila Executive Officer Saifuddin Gias said, ‘We built the houses under our own supervision and that’s why the quality is better.’

Deputy Commissioner Rahima Khatun told reporters, ‘The houses in our district are of good quality as per the allocation. Hopefully the second and third tier houses will be of better quality.’

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