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Capt. Atique Khan Chairman of Angikar Bangladesh Foundation provided relief assistance to 30,000 families

Md. Nesar Ahammed: Capt. Atique Khan, Chairman, angikar Bangladesh Foundation said. Hundreds of thousands of extremely poor and unemployed people in Chattagram are living in dire straits due to the lockdown. The spread of corona virus is homeless and a large portion of the poor are unemployed. The amount of relief that the government has distributed to the poor is not enough at all. Since the outbreak of coronavirus, I have been in Bangladesh As far as I can, I have sent 30,000 aid to some districts of Bangladesh including Chattagram.

Human service Those who do human service with the ultimate religious purpose in mind are the real people. I want to achieve the satisfaction of Allah through real public service. .Respect and love of the people and these people have done human service out of all the rights, they are great human beings.He is forever remembered in the hearts of the people, everyone respects and loves him irrespective of party affiliation. Not only human satis faction but also good deeds can earn the satisfaction of Allah The real human beings are the great human beings.One such benefactor is Captain Atique Khan, a social worker and educator with the best courageous children of the time.

He is currently a resident of Chattagram City, and has been the Chairman of the Angikar Bangladesh Foundation for four long years. And is involved in all socio-religious development activities in Chattagram city. A bright star who has been a social worker with his voice against terrorism-extortion corruption, he has been able to quickly establish himself as a social worker in the area. .He is the favorite person of the small and big Abal Buddhi Bonita of the area who is the helper of the poor people along with the common people of the society including the poor and miserable.

He is a man he loves all classes of people and he loves them Captain Atique Khan in the face of the conscious community of the area. .He has a good reputation and he always goes ahead with the happiness of the people in his area, so he thinks that he is very proud if he can serve them in aû way, whether it is a queen or a suffering person. As Chairman of Angikar Bangladesh Bangladesh Foundation.
According to him, I will continue to serve the common people for the rest of my life.

social service advice is that I am more angry, but I wish the locals that I can solve their problems partially by being happy and sad Our report with the various social and cultural organi“ations involved in the area revealed what the tax was talking about. .Daily Morning Glory – Your Future Plans and Capt. Atique Khan – The People’s Purpose Alakabashi knwe me well when I was there.

It is my wish that all the candidates, including the locals, pray for the happiness and peace of the people of the area. I can serve it. It is my purpose and the purpose of my first step is to make arrangements for the elimination of water logging. I will provide drinking water I will work for the welfare of the people to build a drug free society. I will develop their cooperation from the side of the poor and miserable people of the area.

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