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Caesarean Section in Goat by Gafargaon Veterinary Hospital

Hasan, Gafargaon (Mymensingh): Livestock play and important role in Bangladesh and contribute a big part in Agricultural economy. Goat has a particular importance in livestock due to its unique qualities such as high fertility, short gestration interval and also good quality meat, milk and hair. In Gafargaon Upazilla, many Family rear goat. It is one of the income source of these families. Dystocia or difficulty in breeding is a common obstetrical problem in all farm animals.

Unless relived, it leads to death of the fetul and most of the time death of the doe also that why c-section is a significant operation. A owner named Ayshea (40) come in the Gafargaon Upazilla veterinary Hospital with her doe which was suffering difficult birth lost 5 hours. The does needed emergency c-section to save the life. Though in UVH does’t having operation Theatre and other facilities to perform the operation.

The professional, expert and skilled person Dr. Md. Ariful Islam, Veterinary Surgeon, Gafargaon and his intern students Shakil Ahmed. Jubaer Hasan and Iliaj Ahmed perfomed the c-section. After successful operation they took post operative care and give suggestion to the owner. It is crying demand to having OT facility in Upazilla Veterinary Hospital, Gafargaon, Mymensingh. To reduce the difficulties in Surgery. We hope that the higher authorities and govt. should establish OT facilities for the betterment of our livestock sector in Bangladesh.

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