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Brother-in-law reveals secret of murder of elder brother in greed for property

Dewan Sobuj,Ishwardi(pabna): Police have been able to unravel the murder mystery and arrest the accused in the murder of Shakil Ahmed alias Bhola, 35, a well-known cloth merchant in Ishwardi. Pabna Superintendent of Police Mohammad Mahibul Islam Khan told a BPM press briefing on Wednesday that Shakil Ahmed, a cloth merchant, was killed as a result of his wife’s extramarital affair with his younger brother.

Police arrested Shakil’s wife Mim Khatun, 20, and his younger brother Sabbir, 22, on suspicion of murder. It is learned that his wife Mim has already given a statement in the court under section 164. At first the police could not find any clue about the mystery of this murder. A vigilant team of police led by Ishwardi Circle Additional Superintendent of Police Firoz Kabir, Police OC Asaduzzaman Asad and OC (Investigation) Mohammad Hadiul Islam arrested the two accused within 24 hours using information technology. Later, during interrogation at the police station, it was learned that Shakil’s wife and brother had confessed to being involved in the murder.

According to the police superintendent, Sabbir’s younger brother had an extramarital affair with Shakil’s wife Mim after the marriage. Shakil also had a dispute with his parents and his only younger brother over the sharing of land and fish farming in the pond. Shakil can also guess about the extramarital affair of his wife Mim and Sabbir. That is why Shakil started a separate family by staying in the same house and when the situation escalated, Shakil and his wife moved to the 2nd floor of Ahsan Habib’s house in Rupnagar Kolejpara mahalla on May 19 as a tenant.

But Sabbir secretly gives Mim a mobile phone, which Mim used to hide and just talk to Sabbir secretly and mix closely when the house was empty. At one point Bhabi and brother-in-law get angry with Shakil and plan to kill Shakil. According to the pre-plan, wife Mim mixed three sleeping tablets with water on the night of May 26. Under the influence of drugs, on May 26, Shakil just slept all day. Later in the evening, Sabbir secretly goes to Shakil’s house. Shakil was still sleeping under the influence of sleeping pills. Sabbir and Mim enter the bedroom with a cushion pillow on the sofaset as planned and kill Shakil by suffocating him by pressing the pillow to his nose and mouth while he is asleep. Shakil could not resist as a result of taking extra sleeping pills.

Police further said that in order to influence the murder of accused Mim and Sabbir victim Shakil in different ways, the accused Sabbir tied Mim’s two legs with a veil, Shakil’s panchabi with Mim’s two hands and Mim wearing a veil. Goes. At that time, Sabbir took the mobile phone given to him to talk secretly with Mim.

The body of Shakil, son of Ibrahim Hossain of Dublia village in Pratirajpur of Muladuli union and a cloth trader of Ishwardi Bazar was recovered from a rented house at around 10:30 pm on May 26. Describing the pre-planned drama at that time, his wife Mim said that when two unidentified persons came to Shakil’s rented house and called him, he opened the door of the house. Unidentified men forced their way into the room, slapped Mim twice and kicked her in the chest, knocking her unconscious.

Mim regained consciousness around 9 pm. Then his hands, feet and mouth were tied with cloth and the door of the house was locked from the outside. Mim kept his hands and feet tied and for about an hour hoping to get help from the neighbors, he started kicking the door and wardrobe with his feet. At around 10 pm, Nazma Begum, the wife of the owner of the house, heard the sound and saw Shakil open the latch from outside the door. Later, when the relatives were informed about the incident, they came to the spot and saw Shakil dead in front of his wife Meem. At this time they quickly informed Ishwardi police station.
Shakil’s uncle Korban Ali, who was killed in the incident, filed a murder case against the unidentified accused.

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