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Bribery trade of lakhs of rupees in Sylhet Central Jail, 42 jail officials in Tabiat!

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Bribery worth lakhs of rupees is going on inside the Sylhet Central Jail. Money is being taken from the prisoners in various ways. Apart from providing low quality food to the prisoners, they are also facing water crisis. It has been found that the inmates are using open mobile phones every day as well as the inmates by stealing large sums of money inside the jail. In addition, one of the two canteens in the jail was leased on a canteen basis. The revenue of this canteen is collected every three months at the rate of 15-20 lakh rupees. There are allegations that the money was received by Sylhet DIG Prisons Kamal Hossain and Jail Superintendent himself.

Asked about this, DIG Prisons Kamal said he did not know anything about it, but he would look into it.

Asked about other allegations, he said, “The ACC is not only against me alone.” The senior-junior is conducting investigations against many more officers. In the wake of the ACC’s letter, the Prisons Department’s investigation committee has already submitted a report to the ministry. The ministry has not yet made any decision in this regard. He further said that a prisoner named Didarul Alam from Khulshi area of ​​Chittagong asked me for illegal facilities. I did not give it. That is why he has made various allegations against me after his release. He also mentioned that the prisoner had attacked the prison guard inside the jail.

However, in February, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal directed the Inspector General of Prisons to take action after investigating various allegations against Kamal Hossain. Besides, a letter was sent to the Inspector General of Prisons on July 7 by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to take departmental action by withdrawing Kamal Hossain. But no visible action has been taken against him yet.

According to the investigation, one of the accused is Kamal Hossain, DIG (Prisons) of Sylhet Central Jail. Last year, while he was the senior jail superintendent of Chittagong Central Kagara, various allegations were leveled against him, including illegal acquisition of assets. Didarul Alam Masud, general secretary of Awami League in Chittagong’s Lalkhan Bazar ward, lodged a written complaint with the home minister on February 14.

Meanwhile, while the allegations were under investigation, Kamal Hossain was given the charge of acting DIG (Prisons) of Sylhet Central Jail in October 2020.

Meanwhile, 42 top jail officials have been accused of irregularities and corruption, but all of them are still holding important positions. They are accused of women scandal, release of prisoners on wrong bail, acquisition of illegal assets. There are also allegations of prisoner escaping due to negligence of duty, meeting relatives with prisoners in exchange for money and irregularities in food for prisoners. Most of these officers are Jail Super and District and two are DIG rank officers. News related sources.

Asked about this, former Home Secretary Mostaq Ahmed told CQ that if any serious allegation was made against anyone, the concerned authorities should remove him from office. It is important to keep the officer in temporary suspension or OSD status and conduct a proper investigation into the allegations. But if the authorities do not suspend the officer concerned, then there is no problem in continuing the work of that officer. However, the matter is not morally correct.

Additional Inspector General of Prisons Colonel Abrar Hossain told the media that investigations were underway into the allegations against the jail officials. If the allegation is proved, appropriate action will be taken. Answering a question, he said there are 68 jails across the country under the Department of Prisons. According to him, there are very few high level officials. So if someone is stopped from working as soon as there is a complaint against him, then there will be no one to work for. Therefore, considering the seriousness of the crime against which many allegations have been made, many of them have been retained.

Elaborating on his experience while incarcerated in Chittagong Central Jail, he said Kamal Hossain gave illegal benefits to militants and imprisoned BNP leaders and activists in exchange for money. Prisoners are not provided with quality food as per the jail code. Newman’s food is served on commission from suppliers. Kamal Hossain gave the opportunity to supply drugs inside the jail. According to the jail code, there was a provision to pay the prisoners for lunch if they were present in the court, but it was not given on the instructions of Kamal Hossain. Since I protested, I was paid 26 rupees per person. Identified criminals are given more opportunity to talk on mobile phones than ordinary prisoners. I fell victim to the wrath of Kamal Hossain for protesting inside the jail.

It is also learned that Amirul Islam released the prisoner on false bail while he was in charge of Shariatpur District Jail last April. A prisoner named Liton Sikder was granted bail by the court. But another prisoner named Liton Faraji was granted bail. In this incident, Amirul Islam of the district was assigned to the office of Dhaka Divisional Jail Deputy Inspector General on April 6. A month and a half later, on May 25, he was transferred to the more important Bhola District Jail.

Asked about the allegations, Amirul Islam of Bhola District Jail said, “When I was in Shariatpur, the prisoner was released on wrong bail.” It was the deputy jailer’s fault. However, since I was in the district, I did not have the opportunity to avoid liability. So I personally arrested the accused (released on wrong bail). The then IG Prison was very happy with the arrest of the accused. That’s why he posted me in Bhola.

Besides, jail superintendent Saeed Hossain was also accused of being involved in a scandal with a family member of a prisoner in Bogra Jail during the Coronation last year. In this incident he was closed in Rajshahi. Later he was posted in a big jail like Satkhira district jail. In this context, Saeed Hossain said, when I was in Bogra Jail, I wanted to help a prisoner. I was in danger of trying to help him. He said there was a rift between the officials inside the jail. Those who were against me wanted to ‘kickout’ me. That’s why he complained against me. After the complaint, I was initially attached to the Rajshahi DIG’s office. He claimed that the responsibility of Satkhira district jail has been given as the investigation did not match the veracity of the allegations. But he told Jugantar that he did not have any report or written order in this regard. On the other hand, the concerned official of the Department of Prisons did not want to comment on the matter.

Asked about the allegations against the jail officials, Additional Secretary at the Home Ministry Syed Belal Hossain said it was not possible to visit the jails for some time due to various reasons including the Corona situation. So there is a lack of surveillance in the prisons. There have been many complaints on this occasion. The ministry will soon start a field visit to the prisons. Appropriate action will be taken if any irregularity is found.

A diploma nurse working in a district jail said a prisoner escaped from the Gazipur district jail last March due to negligence in the duties of jail superintendent and jailor. Under strict restrictions, the officials in charge of the prison were offering the opportunity to meet the relatives of the prisoners in exchange for money. In the same process, a relative named Himel met a leader of Titumir College Chhatra Dal. Diploma Nurse Badiuzzaman Badrul opened his mouth about the matter. Badrul was later transferred to Lalmonirhat. Badrul is working there now. On the other hand, Yunus-uz-Zaman of the district was immediately transferred to Bhola but within a month he was posted to Sirajganj. On the other hand, Jail Superintendent Bazlur Rashid Akhand is still working in Gazipur District Jail.

Asked about this, Yunus-uz-Zaman of the district said, “The allegations against me have not been settled yet.” The report has been submitted to the IG’s office. Let’s see what happens. In response to a question, he said, I am a sick person. So immediately after the transfer order in Bhola, I made an application to the IG. RG said, where there is a good hospital, I should be given a posting. For this reason my transfer order was canceled and I was given posting in Sirajganj.

Regarding the allegations, Jail Superintendent Bazlur Rashid Akhand said, “The investigation of the allegations against me is at the final stage.” The name of the investigating officer is DIG (Prisons) Touhidul Islam. He can say well about this. I don’t want to say anything.

According to responsible sources, Abdul Jalil, senior jail superintendent (current duty) of Kashimpur-2 jail and Abu Sayem of the district were in a wide-ranging discussion over the division of the accused in the August 21 grenade attack case. On June 20, the then Inspector General of Prisons (IG-Prison) Brigadier General Mohammad wrote a letter to the Department of Security Services of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Mominur Rahman Mamun. After receiving the letter, the responsible officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs sat motionless. After reviewing the contents of the letter and section 617, they were convinced that the convict, who was convicted under the prison rules, was not eligible for division in any way. However, nowhere in IG Prison’s letter is there any mention of the August 21 grenade attack case. The matter of the case came to the fore while reviewing the proposal. The ministry confirmed that the prisoner was convicted in a sensational and heinous grenade attack case. Later, a reply letter was sent to IG Prisons on July 11 from the Home Ministry’s security department. Necessary explanations and opinions are sought there. Recently, Brigadier General. The government removed Mominur Rahman from the jail department. But the jail superintendent of the concerned jail and the district are still in good health. Not only that, Sumon, the main accused in the much-discussed Sahinuddin murder case in Pallabi, is controlling the underworld over the telephone from Kashimpur-2 jail. He is regularly threatening opponents on the phone.

Abdul Jalil, senior jail superintendent of the concerned jail, said that a departmental investigation is underway into the matter. So I do not want to say anything about it. “We have noticed that Sahinuddin is calling from jail to different places,” he said. There is no opportunity to use personal phone in prison. An investigation is underway into how he did it. Appropriate action will be taken if any officer-employee of the prison is found involved with this.

On the overall issue, former DIG (Prisons) Major (Retd.) Shamsul Haider Siddiqui said that the person against whom the investigation is being conducted, if he is a senior officer, and if there is a risk of impact on the investigation, it is better not to keep him in charge. This should be done in the interest of proper investigation. He further said that DIG, Jail Super and District Prisons are very important posts. If the allegations against these officers are investigated, there is a risk that the investigation will be affected.

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