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Boro paddy harvesting started in Netrokona Haoranchal The smile on the farmer’s face

Monaim Khan, Netrokona: Boro paddy harvesting has started in full swing in Netrokona’s Haoranchal. The bumper crop of boro paddy has brought a smile to the faces of the farmers. According to the Netrokona Department of Agricultural Extension, boro paddy has been planted in 1,84,963 hectares of land in Netrokona district during the current boro season. Of these, boro paddy was planted on 20,100 hectares in Khaliajuri upazila, 17,340 hectares in Madan upazila and 17,043 hectares in Mohanganj upazila. The target for paddy production is set at 6 lakh 64 thousand 4 hundred 93 metric tons. Madan, Mohanganj and Khaliajuri upazilas of the district have been visited in different haoranchal, where farmers are busy cutting, threshing and drying paddy.

Somewhere agricultural laborers, somewhere again paddy is being harvested with government subsidized combined harvester machines. There is a kind of festive mood among the farmers in Haoranchal with the cutting and threshing of paddy. Farmers are happy with the bumper yield of paddy in most of the haors, despite the partial loss of boro paddy in the haor area due to hot winds in the last few days. Boro paddy is the only crop of the farmers in Haoranchal throughout the year. Farmers are busy picking ripe paddy at home so that their hard-earned gold crop is not damaged in any way by early floods or hailstorms. According to the farmers, from April 10-12, harvesting of Brie R 28 paddy has started in Haor. And now Brie and 29 have started harvesting paddy. There is an acute shortage of rice harvesting workers in Haoranchal.

Many farmers are engaging their school and college students in cutting, threshing and drying paddy. Chandan, a farmer from Mallikpur village, who was harvesting paddy at Dingaputa Haor in Mohanganj, said the bumper crop of boro paddy has been harvested at Dingapota Haor this time over the last few years. He has planted hybrid rice in 65 acres of land. He got 6 to 7 manas of paddy per cut. Abul Hossain, a farmer of Sheoratali village in the same upazila, said that after harvesting paddy, he is selling wet paddy on the land at a price of Tk 825 to traders. Sabuj Mia, a farmer from Hatnaiya village, said he was trying to harvest paddy quickly with a harvester to prevent any damage to the paddy in the event of floods or hailstorms. Sanjit Talukder of Ballavpur village in Khaliajuri upazila said, “We are being deprived of getting a fair price for paddy due to the syndicate of Fadia traders.

” If the government had purchased paddy directly from the farmers, the farmers of Haoranchal would have benefited more. Netrokona Department of Agricultural Extension, Deputy Director of Agriculture. Habibur Rahman said that bumper crop of boro paddy has been harvested in Haoran area this time as the field level agriculture officials gave timely advice to the farmers and the weather was favorable. The recent hot winds have destroyed some crops in Haoranchal. Still, hopefully, more paddy will be produced than the target this year. Netrokona Deputy Commissioner Kazi. Abdur Rahman Rahman said the executive officers and agricultural officers of Haor Upazila have been instructed to ensure that the farmers of Haoranchal harvest paddy in accordance with the hygiene rules during the epidemic of Corona. Initiatives have been taken to bring workers from different districts of the country to overcome the labor crisis.

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