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Bomb blast at Kanaighat; Fighting over the submission of the final report to the court despite the evidence!

Sylhet Bureau /

Despite receiving indications of a bomb blast at Kanaighat in Sylhet, the police have submitted a final report to the Sylhet court. This has caused a commotion.

SI Sanjit Kumar Roy, the investigating officer in the bomb blast case, said in the final report that the explosive, which was similar to torch light, contained potassium chlorate oxidant, one of the ingredients in making cocktails. Sanjida Akhter, an assistant explosives inspector in Dhaka, confirmed the information in a review.

Meanwhile bomb blast – Burn due to bomb blust & Rupture globe (L / E) & avulsion injury on Lt hand has been mentioned. 1 / H / O bomb blust, 2 / L / E Lacerated casual injury e isis prolapsed surgery was done on 05.09.21 to repair the casual injury (L / E), 3 / Avulsion injury on left hand & Lacerated injury over the rt , hand surgical toileting & LABS was given & dressing was done on rt hand on 02.09.21, 4 / Visual acuity VAR-6/6, VAL-Perception of light (PL), Weapon used: Bomb, Nature of injury: Grievous hurt 2, 4 / Simple hurt-3, mentioned. Despite all this, the police have submitted the final report to the court. However, the plaintiffs had been expressing concern over such activities of the police even before the case was filed. He also appealed to the DIG of Sylhet Range, Superintendent of Police and the Ministry of Home Affairs for redressal and justice. It didn’t work either. Ignoring the order, the investigating officer submitted the final report of the explosives case to the court. Eventually the police turned the plaintiff’s fears into reality.

Police took evidence 10-12 days after the incident and tried to spread rumors that a flashlight-like object had exploded in the area. Telesmati. The incident has been published on several social media including print media and online media.

On the other hand, the plaintiffs were annoyed with these activities but in the hope of getting a fair trial, they appeared in the wise court and lodged a complaint mentioning the names of 3 persons. After a lengthy hearing, the judge took cognizance of the matter and directed the Kanaighat police to file an FIR. Whose case No. 25/237. Then the police chase started. Meanwhile, the report of Siomek was also published. The local administration is in turmoil. The police protect the accused to protect their image. Plaintiff Mahmud Hasan has made this demand to this reporter.
He added that a day after the case was filed, the investigating officer SI Sanjit went to the spot. He submitted the final report to the court without knowing the statement of the plaintiff or any witness. At that time, he said, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Kanaighat Police Station Md. Tajul Islam PPM took him to the police station and threatened to kill him on behalf of the accused. He also has an audio record. He then handed over the audio record to the reporter as evidence. It is heard that the OC himself is asking the plaintiff to withdraw the case or settle it amicably. Otherwise it will kill him today or after 6-8 years! This 14 minute long record contains more important information exchange. He also said he would submit the record to the court. Although the OC denied the matter on his mobile phone.

In the final report, the investigating officer mentioned another accused, Pabel alias Rahul, who was studying at Hafiz Majumdar Trust, Madanibagh, Tilagarh, Sylhet educational institution and dormitory on the day and time of the incident. Although mysterious, the investigating officer avoided the lockdown for unknown reasons. Because then all the educational institutions and dormitories were closed! Investigating officer Sanjit told reporters on his mobile phone that he did not know the matter. “I have submitted what I have received in the investigation, there is nothing for me to do,” he said.

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