October 19, 2021, 12:53 pm

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‘Body Own Camera’ added to Sylhet Traffic Police

Sylhet Bureau: “Body Own Camera” has been added to the Sylhet Traffic Police to increase transparency, efficiency and coordination in activities. On Tuesday (December 1), 10 surgeons of the Traffic Department of the Sylhet Metropolitan Police (SMP) received the special camera on the opening day of the traffic party.

SMP Commissioner Nisharul Arif attached the camera to the surgeons after inaugurating the Traffic Party 2020 on the open stage of the central Shaheed Minar in Sylhet on Tuesday morning. According to police sources, Body Own Camera has been introduced in the country since 2014 to detect vehicles and drivers violating traffic signals, accidents, increase transparency in the activities of the working traffic police and increase the coordination of traffic police. For the first time in Sylhet, 10 traffic surgeons got this camera on Tuesday.

According to the concerned people, unpleasant incidents often take place between drivers, pedestrians and traffic police on the road. Pedestrians and motorists break the law. Once again there were allegations of unusual behavior by members of the traffic police. In these cases, the passenger or driver has allegations against the police. Again, the police have allegations against the passenger or the driver.

Many times the exact cause of the road accident cannot be ascertained. So body or camera has been introduced for monitoring all the issues. The camera will be mounted on the chest or forehead of the police on duty.

Regarding the Body Own Camera, Commissioner of Police Nisharul Arif said that the activities of the surgeon can be monitored directly in the workplace through the Body Own Camera. This will increase the quality of service of the traffic police;

The common people will benefit. Initially, the camera was given to 10 traffic surgeons of SMP. He also spoke about various initiatives for the development of traffic police. He also called on the police to be more vigilant in dealing with coronavirus infections.

Earlier, senior officials of the city police including the president and general secretary of the metropolitan Awami League spoke at the inaugural function of the traffic party. Later a colorful procession circled the city to raise traffic awareness. (Press release)

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