October 17, 2021, 10:00 pm

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Boat candidates won 131 out of 160 UP elections

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The Awami League has won a huge victory in the first phase of the Union Parishad (UP) elections. Boat candidates have won 131 out of 160 UP chairman posts. In 44 of them, the Awami League nominated candidates have won the post of chairman without contest. There are 38 of them in Bagerhat district alone. Independent candidates have won in 28 of them, most of them Awami League rebel candidates. The result of one has been suspended. Earlier, continuous voting was held on Monday from 8 am to 4 pm.

Winners of the post of Chairman of UP

As of last news, out of 34 unions in Khulna district, five Awami League rebels, one BNP leader and three independents have won. Besides, all the other 25 winners were nominated by Awami League.

Ziaur Rahman Jewel of Awami League in Amadi Union of Koyra Upazila of Khulna District, Abdus Samad of Awami League in Bagali, Shah Nawaz Shikari of Awami League in Maheshwaripur, Abdullah Al Mahmud of Awami League in Maharajpur, Baharul Islam of Awami League in Koyra, Sardar Nurul Islam of Awami League in North Bedkashi, Awami League in South Bedkashi Rebel Aser Ali, independent candidate Sheikh Sabbir Ahmed in Pankhali of Dakop, Binoy Krishna Roy of Dakop Awami League, Sheikh Yuvraj of Awami League without contest in Laudobe, Mihir Kumar Mandal of Awami League in Kailashganj, Masum Ali Fakir of Awami League in Sutarkhali, Swamin Panchal in Kamarkhola Awami League. Gazi Jalal Uddin, Awami League’s Manas Mukul Roy in Bajua, Awami League’s Sudeb Roy in Banishanta, BNP-backed Aslam Haldar in Gangarampur in Batiaghata, Awami League rebel Awsafur Rahman Asa in Baliadanga, Awami League’s CM Milon Goldar in Amirpur, Awami League’s Bidri in Dighaliar Gazirhat, Gazi Zakir Hossain of Awami League, revolt of Awami League in Dighalia Haider Ali Moral, Awami League rebel candidate Zia Gazi in Senhati, Independent SM Farid Akhter in Aranghata, Awami League rebel candidate Sajjadur Rahman Lincoln in Yogipul, Abdul Mannan Gazi of Awami League in Soladana of Paikgachha, Abul Kalam Azad of Awami League in Raduli , Awami League rebel Shahzada Ilias in Chandkhali, Awami League’s Ripon Mandal in Deluti, Awami League’s Kajal Kanti Biswas in Lata, Awami League’s Kawsar Ali Joardar in Kapilmuni and Awami League’s KM Arifuzzaman Tuhin in Lashkar Union. Besides, Sheikh Jihadul Islam of Awami League has won in Gadaipur.
Meanwhile, in Satkhira, Awami League has won in ten, Awami League rebels in four, two independents and BNP-Jamaat supporters in three.

Kalaroa Upazila: Md. Kalaroa Yugikhali Union. Rabiul Hasan (A’League), Mahafuzu Rahman Nishan (A’League Rebel) in Jalalabad Union, Sheikh Sohail Rana (Independent) in Coal, Professor MA Kalam (A’League) in Langaljhara, Benazir Ahmed (A’League) in Sonabaria, Dalim in Chandanpur Hossain (A’League rebel), said Helatalaya. Moazzem Hossain (Independent), Bishakha Tapan Saha (A’League Rebel) in Joynagar Union, Mabubur Rahman (A’League) in Deyara Union.

Tala Upazila: Tala Dhandia said. Jahangir Alam (Independent, BNP-backed), Kamruzzaman Lipu (A’League) in Nagarghata, Golam Farooq (Independent, Jamaat-backed) in Islamkati, Pranab Ghosh Bablu (A’League) in Khalilnagar, Sardar Zakir Hossain (A’League) in Tala Sadar Union, Abul Kalam Azad (A’League) in Tentulia, Ganesh Chandra Debnath (A’League) in Magura, Kamrul Islam Laltu (Rebel A’League) in Khesra, Mozaffar Rahman (A’League) in Khalishkhali, M Mofizul Haque Litu in Jalalpur (Independent, BNP supported) ).

Earlier, out of 65 unions in Bagerhat district, 38 chairman candidates have been elected unopposed. Of the other 27, two were independent and the other was won by an Awami League candidate. Among them Morsheda Akhter (A’League) in Teligati in Morelganj, Abdur Razzak Majumder (A’League) in Panchakaran, Abdur Razzak Sheikh (A’League) in Putikhali, Shamsul Alam Mallick (A’League) in Daibajnahati, Abdul Alim (A’League) in Ramchandrapur. ), Ali Akkas Bulu (A’League) in Chingrakhali, Md. Hoglapasha. Shahidul Islam (Independent), Ripon Das (A’League) in Banagram, Shahjahan Ali Khan (A’League) in Balaibunia, Akramuzzaman in Hoglabunia, (A’League), TM Ripon (A’League) in Bahrabunia, Jahangir Alam Badshah (A’League) in Jiudhara ‘League), Abdul Awal Khan Maharaj (Independent) in Barikhali, Sadar Humayun Kabir Mollah (A’League) in Morelganj.

Four Awami League candidates and two rebel candidates have won the post of chairman in six unions of Noakhali’s Subarnachar upazila. In Hatia upazila, Awami League candidates have won five of the seven union chairman posts and rebel candidates have won two.

Aminul Islam Rajib (A’League) in Charbata Union No. 2 of Subarnachar Upazila of Noakhali, Abul Bashar Monju (A’League) in Charbata No. 7, Belayet Hossain (A’League) in Char Aman Ullah, Abdul Mannan Bhuiyan (A’League) in Wapda No. 4, No. 3 Advocate Abul Bashar (Rebel) in Char Clerk and Mohiuddin Chowdhury (Rebel) in Mohammadpur No. 8; Mehedi Hasan (A’League) in Sonadia Union of Hatia Upazila, Alauddin Azad (A’League) in Char Ishwar, Nurul Afshar Dinaj (A’League) in Nijhum Island, Rashed Uddin (A’League) in Tamarddi, Mohiuddin Ahmed (A’League in Char King) ), Mashum Billah (rebel) in Jahajmara and Fakhrul Islam (rebel) in Burirchar.

Abu Hena of Awami League in Gachhua of Sandwip of Chittagong, Mohiuddin of Awami League in Santoshpur, Saiful Islam of Awami League in Amanullah, Kashem Mollah of Awami League in Harishpur, Faridul Mawla Kishore of Awami League in Rahmatpur, Md. Of Awami League in Azimpur. Rafi, Abul Khair Nadim of Awami League in Musapur, Mizanur Rahman of Awami League in Maitbhanga, Jillalgur Rahman (Bina) of Awami League in Bauria, Fakhrul Islam Panir (Bina) of Sarikait Awami League, Anwar Hossain (Bina) of Awami League in Magadhara and Md. Jasimuddin has been elected unopposed. য় Hoanak of Maheshkhali in Haqpabazar, Abu Haider of Awami League in Matarbari and Sheikh Kamal of Awami League in Qutub Jom. Kutubdia’s Ali Akbar Daily Awami League’s Jahangir Alam Sikder, Baraghop, South Dhurangye (Independent) Alauddin Al Azad, Kairbil Awami League’s Azamgir Matbar, Baraghop Awami League’s Anam Shahiduddin Chhotan, Lemshikhali Independent Akhtar Hossain and North Dhurangye Independent Abdul Halim Islam Chowdhury, Teknaf Hnilaya Awami League Rashed. Ali, independent Nur Hossain in Sabrang, Ziaur Rahman Jihad in Teknaf Sadar.

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